Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Prisoner to Lust by Jayme Whitfield

Prisoner to Lust by Jayme Whitfield

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: BDSM Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Caught up in the chaos of a protest, shy Valerie finds herself arrested and pleading her case to a domineering local police officer. Unable to fight the sexual tension she feels and convinced that the only way to save her job is to do the unthinkable, Valerie offers him a deal.

Amused and intrigued by the attractive woman, Christopher agrees to her scandalous bargain. Determined to enjoy the sizzling heat between them, he immediately takes charge, testing her to see just how far she’s willing to go. Leading her down a new path of self-discovery, Chris plans to show her how much fun it is to be his prisoner of lust.

Dodie's Review

How many people have thought about propositioning the police officer when he or she pulls you over to give you a citation? Valerie propositions her officer, as she doesn't see any other way out of the situation that she is in, and can't afford to lose her job. Christopher finds himself accepting the offer, although he knows he really shouldn't. Where he takes her, is on an adventure that you really need to read, I can't describe the story without giving too much away. Chris is a wonderful hero, strong and domineering, which is exactly what this story calls for, but he's also gentle and understanding of what Valerie needs and wants. He's very considerate of her emotional health, and her future. Valerie takes a journey, intermittently narrated by her inner voice, that shows her emotional development. Normally in such a short read, you don't get to see the a lot of character development, but you do here, and Jayme Whitfield did a wonderful job. Do you want to know what can happen when you proposition the police officer? Read this story, and find out.

4 Tea Cups!

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