Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review: Size Matters by Stephanie Julian

Size Matters by Stephanie Julian

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Carrie Benton’s got the best job in the world working as a reporter for the Weekly News Journal. Chupacabra picnicking at the Jersey Shore? Check. Aliens in the White House? Absolutely. Bigfoot stalking the forests of northern Pennsylvania? Well, okay…but Bigfoot is so Left Coast.

Tim Sattizahn can’t believe his luck. The six-foot redhead who crashed into his forest during a snowstorm is gorgeous, funny and hot for him. Everything would be perfect except for the fact that she’s looking for Bigfoot.

And, unfortunately for Tim, she found him…

Claudette's Review

This is the second book I’ve read by this author and certainly won’t be the last. I was thoroughly entertained by this novel’s humour and the character of Carrie Benton the journalist sent out to write a story about Bigfoot. The first either the reader or ‘Bigfoot’ sees or hears of her, she is stomping through the snow and enthusiastically cursing her boss, her colleague whose illness is the reason she’s the one stuck in a remote part of Pennsylvania with a broken car, the snow , and the aforementioned car. She’s only supposed to take pictures of the area for a Bigfoot story. No-one least of all her, thinks he’s for real. I love that ‘Bigfoot’ is called ‘Tim’. I thoroughly enjoyed the laugh out loud dialogue and look forward to visiting other members of the ‘Fringe’ and all the other people who go bump in the night.

Tim might be big, in every way that counts, but I liked the way that instead of staying hidden, he came to her rescue and picked her up out of the snow. Given that Carrie is a 5ft 10”, I can appreciate the romance of a 7ft tall god, who can pick her up without effort. She’s tall, he’s a behemoth, but it doesn’t occur to her that just because he has big feet that he could really be the infamous ‘Bigfoot’.

Being something other than human is the reason that Tim is living in such an isolated area. But he doesn’t think of Carrie as a novelty ‘normal’, he is genuinely open to love. Tim’s had his heart broken before and yet he’s unafraid to be drawn to someone who he should consider the enemy.

All the witty and hilarious thoughts that run through Carrie’s mind as she fully appreciates Tim had me chuckling over my keyboard. Of course Tim fell in love with Carrie, so did this reader pretty much from the first couple of paragraphs. This was great entertaining writing. Now where can I find me a man with big, er…feet?

5 Tea Cups!

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Stephanie Julian said...

LynnMarie, so glad you enjoyed Carrie and Tim's story!

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

This sounds so fun and the humor in it must be delightful!
Thanks for the rec/review!


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