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Review: Temptation Unveiled by Jenika Snow

Temptation Unveiled by Dimi of the Seven Moons Book 2 by Jenika Snow

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Keirak…second in command to the ZorZack tribe. Ruthless when it comes to something he wants, he stops at nothing until it is in his possession.

Kitty…thrust into an alternative dimension on Earth, she doesn’t know if she can accept her new home, Dimi of the Seven Moons.

When she sees a fiery lust reflected in Keirak’s eyes, Kitty can’t help but feel a desire toward him that threatens her very existence. She fears the feelings that are making their way into her heart, and she knows deep down that once Keirak has her, he will never let her go.
When Keirak’s past presents itself, he has no choice but to reveal it to Kitty. But when the demons from his past threaten to take Kitty away from him, Keirak will fight to protect what is now his heart, even if it means doing it with his last breath.

Dodie's Review

Dimi of the Seven Moons is another world in another solar system far from Earth. Dimi of the Seven Moons is populated by several tribes, some more peaceful, some more aggressive. These tribes lack electricity and other modern “conveniences”. They're primitive societies, focused around their tribal leader. It seems, however, that their primary means of entertainment is sex. Lots of sex. Casual sex. Frequently in public. Of course, without books, television, or other 'normal' means of entertainment, what are you supposed to do? Despite the sex in public, women aren't objectified, but honored.

Kitty came to Dimi of the Seven Moons with her friend Mena. While Mena quickly adjusted to Dimi of the Seven Moons, Kitty is having a harder time. She hasn't learned the language, and has made very little effort to learn the customs of the ZorZack tribe. Mostly because she still hasn't decided whether or not she wants to to accept the fact that she has to stay, and no, she doesn't know of a way back to Earth.

Keriark is a warrior and second in command of the tribe. This is really his story. Keriark has been fascinated with Kitty since she first arrived. He has been trying to teach her the ZorZack language since she arrived, but really, she's taught him English instead. Despite being a trusted member of the tribal leadership, due to events in his childhood and the fact that he's a seasoned warrior (read killed a lot of people) he doesn't think that he's worthy of Kitty's affection. So basically, he's a warrior, trustworthy enough to be part of tribal leadership, and vulnerable. The perfect man, right? Kitty for all of her lack of an attempt to adapt, is a good person. In an action packed, save the tribe kind of way, they find their happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!

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