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Review: The Trouble with Tomboys by Linda Kage

The Trouble with Tomboys by Linda Kage

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2




Pilot B.J. Gilmore is Tommy Creek, Texas’s tough tomboy who loves to fly planes and gamble and doesn’t give a whip what anyone thinks or says about her…until Grady Rawlings steps into her life.


Heir to an oil dynasty, Grady has inner demons to battle. Ever since his wife and unborn child died two and half years ago, he’s developed a deep-seated hatred for sympathy and can’t handle anyone feeling sorry for him or treating him like some pitiful widower.


Grady hires B.J,'s plane service to fly him to Houston for an overnight business trip. While there, she coaxes him into accompanying her to a late dinner, where she decides it’s time for him to move on with his life. A month later, she turns up pregnant with his baby, and neither of them is prepared for the chaos that follows.

Lena's Review

Grady Rawlings is a walking zombie. The trouble is he was married and now fate has given him a terrible blow in his life. Everybody in Tommy Creek is afraid of him and don’t know how to react around him. Everybody except B.J. knows how to talk to him. This is something that scares Grady though for she is the first woman lately who has given him a spark in his life. Ever since he lost his wife and child he has been living life like a monk and a robot. He knows people are afraid of him lately and he knows his wife wouldn’t want him to be like this. All he wanted was to go on the business trip he never expected for life to kick him in the stomach with a woman like B.J. Gilmore. Can he learn to live again with B.J.? Can she show him how to love again?

B.J. Gilmore is a tomboy through and through yet only one man has always made her feel like a girl. Grady Rawlings and for years she has loved him. The thing is that through all the years he has been married and now fate has thrown him a devastating curve in life. It was supposed to be a one night stand but like her whole life it gets messed up. She never expected to see Grady yet once again fate has intervened. B.J. is definitely not a woman least of all have a motherly bone in her life but can she change for the right man?

Linda Kage has done it again in a tale where everyone deserves a second chance even a tomboy like B.J. My heart went out for Grady and the heartache he went through in life. Now B.J. is definitely not your usual heroine for she is feisty, courageous but often times scared of life. I loved that these two are so opposite of one another yet have one thing in common they both need love. The passion they share yet deny is so strong it is hard for them to ignore. Linda definitely has a naughty mind when it comes to between them yet so clever in the way they get together. Loved it and can’t wait for more.

4 Tea Cups!

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