Saturday, January 1, 2011

Review: White-Hot and Hard by Catherine Chernow

White-Hot and Hard by Catherine Chernow

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Sensual. Seductive. Sculptures so erotic they become a white-hot feast for the eyes.

That’s what New York art promoter Sloan Benton sees the day she discovers the talent of sculptor Dallen O’Neal. Dallen’s outrageous style gives Sloan a burning desire to learn more about him and the secret medium he’s using. He’s the sexiest, hottest, most dominant man she’s ever met and the best new talent in town, but she realizes too late that he’s also a painful, forgotten memory from her past.

Dallen O’Neal wants revenge. Sloan Benton crushed his artistic spirit. He couldn’t sculpt anything for years after her cruelty, but his desire for her never waned. When she accepts the invitation to view his work, then his challenge to strip naked for art’s sake, he discovers Sloan’s submissive side. They share wild sex and explore Sloan’s penchant for spankings. Sloan captures his heart, but he thrusts her aside, intent on vengeance.

Jealousy, sex, submission and a hint of exhibitionism mingle together, making Dallen’s need for Sloan…

White-hot and hard.

Hunter’s Review

I cannot believe that Ms. Chernow meant for us to actually like these characters. They are both really unlikable people. Sloan Benton is mean as a snake and Dallen O’Neal is so bent on revenge he is one of the most selfish, difficult characters I have ever encountered.

The writing flows quickly but I was left with the feeling that I simply did not care if these two people got together. After a while, I wanted to see them together just so that neither of them could ever mess with anyone else’s heart.

The love scenes will leave you needing a hot shower but, to me, this wasn’t a love story about anyone I wanted to know.

2 Tea Cups!


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