Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Exposed Desires by Brandi Evans

Exposed Desires by Brandi Evans

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



What says I love you like a lap dance?

Sophia Raines has the looks, the charm and the hottest strip club in Dallas. So why is she so glum? The man she loves is deploying to Afghanistan and she hasn’t had the courage to tell him she loves him. Tonight, however, everything will change. Sophia has the perfect plan to show Bret how she feels.

Bret Dowers has loved Soph for years, but between two tours of duty—three if he counts his brief marriage—things have never worked out. But when Soph rocks his world with some serious PDA, their friendship takes a dramatic turn. Can their new-found love survive the separation of deployment?

Kris' Review

Ms. Evans creates two very memorable characters in Sophia Raines and Bret Dowers. This is a very well written story of two ‘best friends’ who are afraid to tell each other their true feelings, for fear of ruining the relationship they have. Friends since college ten years ago, and roommates for the past year, Sophia has often fantasized about Bret.

Sophia Raines owns ‘Exposed Desires’ one of the hottest strip clubs in Dallas. Six years ago, when she was a dancer there, the manager tried to rape her. Now she runs the club and prides herself on ensuring her dancers feel safe and secure. She hasn’t danced since that horrific experience, but tonight she’s about to. She is finally going to ‘show’ Bret exactly how she feels. He is about to be deployed to Afghanistan for the third time in a few days and Sophia can’t wait any longer.

Bret Dowers has been in love with Sophia for years but has always been afraid of telling her for fear of rejection. What happens if he tells her and she doesn’t feel the same way? Will he lose his Brazilian beauty forever? If she only knew how many times, she had been the object of his fantasies over the years, especially during his deployments.

Therefore, when Sophia expresses her feelings for Bret on stage, he is blown away in more ways than one. Could she really have feelings for him? Sophia planned the lap dance to be a great sendoff, but when he responds to her advances, will she tell him that she loves him? The last thing she wants it to have him distracted in a war zone. Moreover, if they do declare their love for each other, will it survive the year of separation that they are about to embark on?

Ms. Evans writes a hot steamy rollercoaster ride of sexual expressions of true love feelings.

4 Tea Cups!

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