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Review: Seduction of Simone by Cherie De Sues

Seduction of Simone by Cherie De Sues

Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Simone Devereaux has inherited an estate on the Northern California coast after her Aunt Celeste meets with a sudden, mysterious death. The hot neighbor, Trent Grayson, insists Celeste was murdered, and wants to be more than the man-next-door. When clients arrive to pose for their nude portraits over the weekend, Simone realizes she's inherited more than an estate. Two randy poltergeists enter her dreams for a lusty menage, and a budding serial killer threatens her sanity.

Now her Wiccan mother and gypsy father are coming for a visit, just in time to watch Simone lose her heart . . . and possibly her life.

Monica's Review

What can be said about this book but hot, hot, and hot. This book is erotic, steamy and dangerous. The plot of this book is suspenseful trying to figure out who killed Celeste—was it her lover or maybe the two poltergeists that live in the home? Of course there happens to be that gorgeous, sexy guy next door that will try to be the hero and save Simone from whomever or whatever is after her.

Simone’s character is liberating, open-minded and ready for almost anything that comes her way. After she inherits her aunts home she is has the misfortune of finding out that her aunt was indeed murdered. Simone had a steamy, erotic first day in her new home after meeting her sexy next door neighbor, Trent. The two poltergeists did a wonder on her in down time in her bath. All I can say is it will leave you breathless with the actions that are delivered to her, a very nice welcome home gift. Then you have Trent, that has been drawn to Simone but can it be true love or something else, like her similarities to her Aunt Celeste? You will have fun reading about what dessert was used on Simone during one of their encounters during their love making.
This is my second book that I have read by Cherie De Sues and she is truly talented. I recommend that you read this book you will not regret it and don’t forget you will read about the dessert and you will never look at it the same.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Lynn Marie! What a marvelous review for The Seduction of Simone. This novel has gained so much attention and I am so pleased with the reader's reviews too. This erotic paranormal just won the top 10 BEST EROTIC NOVELS of 2010 at the Preditors & Editors Poll. So thank you very much Lynn.


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