Friday, February 4, 2011

Review: Nearly Departed by Suzanne Rossi

Nearly Departed by Suzanne Rossi

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Futuristic Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Cybil Austin loves Shady Oaks, and hopes to write her Regency romances undisturbed by a dysfunctional family. She doesn’t count on renovation chaos or the presence of ghosts who fear the changes will wreak havoc with their non-lives. She also doesn’t count on falling for her contractor, C. Maxwell Maitland.

Handsome and charismatic, Max isn’t seeking a relationship, but Cybil gets to him on more than a professional level. He is drawn to her eccentric personality, but a bad marriage has him gun-shy of anything suggesting permanence. And then, there are those pesky ghosts. They want Cybil gone and the renovations stopped.

But not even a haunted house deters Cybil from pursuing Max. During the process, she learns about herself, life, and death.

Will Cybil and Max enjoy a future at Shady Oaks? Can they and the ghosts co-exist in the same house?

Monica's Review

If you love romance novels with a little laughter with some friendly little ghosts, then this story is what you need. After trying to restore her new home with a gorgeous contractor comes complications with a couple of ghosts that have been living in that home for several hundreds of years. The ghosts are ready for battle when it comes to their domain, no hold bars.

The LaForge Family are wonderful ghosts that are only protecting their home. The tactics that they form in order to remove the new owner from her home are hilarious. There are two particular ghosts that I just adore. There is Ruth the caretaker of the home and oversees everything. Ruth is the mother figure is so needed in this story. She cares for Cybil like a true mother and actually listens to what Cybil is saying with no criticism. Zoe is another ghost that is just wonderful and actually understands her situation. Zoe lived a hard life with her family but her afterlife with Cybil was great. The other ghosts are just as amazing but the fun part of everything is the outrageous plots that they create to scare Cybil and her houseguests away.

Cybil has lived a life of what I would call miserable, but after she takes charge of her life she experiences her true self. Cybil is strong but she needs a little help with a couple of ghosts’ help but also a strong, gorgeous man, Max. Being a writer can be hard especially during a renovation with all of the noise and the distraction of Max. Cybil has fallen in love with Max but there is one that that will keep them apart his past. I love how they actually become friends before the next step is taken. I love the scene where Cybil and Max share their first kiss but soon after that they end up on the floor due to a little stumble. You can feel their chemistry in the writing but most of all the laughter they share. Their relationship is actually a slow pace romance with somewhat of a courtship but they both have insecurities that they need to settle before they can maybe start a new life.

Suzanne Rossi gave so much in this story, a sense of laughter, strong-willed and romance. You can see them all come together as a family and show support to one another. There are a couple of scenes that will make you cry so be ready but at the end everyone seems to find their place in life. I recommend this to all of you who love romance with a little comedy.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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