Monday, February 14, 2011

Stealing Home by Rhonda Gibson

Stealing Home by Rhonda Gibson

Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Charisma Diner is busy with her floral business as well as caring for her young brother Joey since their parents' deaths. But when Joey befriends Will Lovelace at the baseball diamond, she realizes just how much she's been neglecting her little brother.

Will is part of Charisma's past. He may not recognize her, but she'll never forget the affect he had on her. Her heart fluttered for him during college, but he never even noticed her. Now Charisma doesn't want Will in her life. But how can she deny a lonely little boy a friendship that makes him happy...or the growing attraction between herself and Will?

Wendy's Review

Rhonda wrote a wonderful story that has you knowing that God is in control and how mighty His plan really is.

Will Lovelace was back in town. He was in between jobs. A childhood promise had him rethinking his life when he meets Joey and his sister Charisma Diner.

Charisma was raising her little brother and trying to make ends meet with her florist shop. Will and Charisma had gone to college together but Will didn’t remember her, she was a shy and gawky girl. Will was every girl's dream and with his promise from boyhood not to marry till thirty, he dated a lot of girls until they got serious then he would drop them.

Charisma couldn’t believe that God would put Will back in her life, he had changed he wasn’t the same guy from college. Could she trust him? She trusted his friendship with her little brother Joey who seemed to need him in his life, but with her heart she just didn’t know.

The more time Will spent with Joey the more time he got to spend with Charisma and he prayed that he would not be unattractive to her. His plan was not God’s plan and knowing that he must have enough faith in God to see that his life wasn’t complete. And a childhood promise was just that, and by trying to keep the promise it was making his life incomplete. God in his infinite wisdom gave Will and Charisma a chance at love. Will they be able to put the past in the past and let God bring their future together?

Rhonda did a wonderful job and I love how God worked wonders into two very different people's lives and gave them the wonderful gift of love. A refreshing love story!

5 Tea Cups!

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