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Review: Crazy by Eve Langlais

Crazy by Eve Langlais

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Institutionalized at a young age after the breakup of her parents, Ella’s always heard
voices. Even worse, the voices in her head like to act. She thinks she’s crazy and destined
to be a patient for life until the night she meets a vampire and for the first time in her life,
the voices shut up.

Zane just wants to enjoy his usual blood buffet, instead he runs into a wisp of a
woman who makes him feel emotions he thought long dead. Rescuing her from the
insane asylum, he brings her home, determined to assuage his lust; a plan that is foiled by
ghostly voices more determined to keep her pure than a steel welded chastity belt.
Together they discover Ella might not be as crazy as everyone thinks, but even as
they discover her innate power, someone from her past wants to hurt her. Will crazy and
undead prevail against covetous evil? And most important of all, will the voices ever
allow them to indulge in the desire that consumes them?

Dodie's Review

This isn't your standard boy meets girl, they fall in love book. Zane's not your normal hero, he's a vampire there to feed from the crazies. He finds himself drawn to Ella, but he keeps trying to talk himself out of seeking her out. Ella is crazy -- ok you got that from the title -- but then Zane swoops in on his white horse and rescues her from the insane asylum. From start to finish, Ella continues to surprise Zane and draw out protective instincts that he didn't realize he had. He saves her from the asylum; she saves him from the monotony in his life.

I really enjoyed reading Zane and Ella's story. The sex scenes sizzle. In a short number of pages, Eve Langlais did a great job of creating complex characters, and an unexpected story line. This was one of those books that I was truly sad when it was over. I really wanted to see where Ella and Zane's relationship goes, and what happens to the two of them after the book ends. Come on, voices in your head mean you're crazy, right? Read Crazy and find out.

5 Tea Cups and a Recommended Read!

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