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Review: Help Wanted by Marie Rochelle

Help Wanted by Marie Rochelle

Publisher: Phaze Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Jim Russell didn't care the rest of his buddies from CCD had found their true loves and had gotten married. He was done with the whole dating scene. Well….he thought he was until he saw her at the airport and secretly he began to change his mind.
Keira Winters had always been known as strong, outspoken and very independent but after an accident something changed in her and she wasn't the woman she once was. She wants to get back to her old self. Will she be able to with the help of a man she "hated" at first sight?
Will Jim and Keira be able to overcome their battle of wills to find everlasting love in the final book of The Men of CCD Series…….Help Wanted?

Claudette's Review

Jim Russell’s best friend Dave married Keira Winter’s best friend Charisma. So Jim and Keira keep bumping into each other, but their first meeting a year ago, was far from friendly. He accused her of being an interfering busy body and she let him know exactly how little she valued his ‘high handed’ opinion. They are undeclared enemies who share the same circle of friends. Friends who except for them, are all happily married and love to match make.

Though both Jim and Keira deny it, their friends have seen that they are attracted to each other, and seem to believe that they would make a great couple.

Keira has more important things to worry about, than her friends trying to set her up. Several months in her job as a flight attendant, she was the sole survivor of a plane crash. Ever since she’s been plagued by nightmares and cannot face getting back on a plane. Her future in the career she loves seems to be over. Her father recently died and her whole life seems to be in turmoil. As if that wasn’t enough she finds out that before he died her father sold his motorcycle mechanics business to a stranger, and never told her.

I really enjoyed this interracial romance. Though it is one in a series and this is the first I’d read, I was completely drawn emotionally into the CCD world, (it stands for Campbell Construction Design) of these characters. My one grievance is that when the main characters have their big misunderstanding, it would have been better for Jim to at least, have shown some doubt, rather than believing the lie he was told about Keira. When you love someone you should know them well enough to know what they are capable of, no matter how plausible the evidence to the contrary. Showing some doubt would make the reader more readily able to excuse, and forgive the way he reacted. Not all the loose ends are tied up so I’m assuming that they will be in the next book, featuring Jim’s friend, the gorgeous, Dante.

4 Tea Cups!

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