Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Hunted Intensity by Rebecca Airies

Hunted Intensity by Rebecca Airies

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A story set in the same world as the Primal Attraction series.

Stranded at a cabin on the mountain by a fierce storm, Tori Cha’Nesat doesn’t expect to meet a gorgeous but apparently intoxicated shifter. Tyson’s amorous attentions leave her wanting more, but she’s torn between giving in to the hot desire, and guilt over hungering to be with him when he doesn’t know her.

Tyson followed his mate’s scent to a cabin, but his instincts are almost completely in control. Something’s wrong, but he can’t focus beyond her. He wants to make love and bond with Tori until she realizes she belongs with him. As the drug’s effects begin to fade, he can think beyond the raging need. He needs to get her to safety before his enemies destroy their chance at happiness.

Claudette's Review

Set somewhere in Latin America, we are never told where exactly, a black cat seeks his mate. Poor weather forces Tori to take shelter in a shephard’s cabin. and Tyson only knows that his mate is nearby and he must find her. When Tyson reaches the shelter and assumes human form he is so clearly drugged and confused that Tori doesn’t believe that she can truly be his mate.

She is tempted by his touch, but she believes that she is stealing something that belongs to another woman, and taking advantage of a man who is not meant for her.
Tyson is acting on pure instinct. Someone has drugged him, he has no idea why but all his protective instincts are on the alert..

Tyson reasons, that perhaps if he keeps telling her how important she is to him; she will finally believe him because she completes him.

It isn’t the effects of his drugs in his system, that is making him mad with desire, but Tori’s mere presence. He has made the effort to hide his tracks from his pursuers so that he does not lead them to his mate, but if she doesn’t accept him, how can he take her back to his village? And how safe is it when he has no idea how he was drugged and by whom?

This is a well written shifter romance, which I found thoroughly engrossing..

4 Tea Cups!

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