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Review: Immortal Menage by J. Rose Allister

Immortal Menage by J. Rose Allister

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Lexie knows it's crazy to fly to the Bahamas in search of the mystery lover who has been heating up her dreams, but she can’t shake the nagging feeling that he truly exists.

Grayel is a god among gods, ready to claim the mortal who awaits him in the earth realm--except that a single touch of his power will kill her. Though his father is convinced Grayel’s choice of mate will throw the entire realm into chaos, Grayel enlists demigods Love and Lust to aid in a sexual ritual that will transform Lexie into a goddess.

Even if she agrees to the unabashed, immortal ménage under the watchful eye of a witness, plots in the twelfth realm and mounting emotional attachment of one of the demigods threatens the union's success. How can they overcome Love, Lust, and the will of a kingdom to consummate an explosive immortal ménage?

Monica's Review

This love adventure for Lust and Love is intriguing. One of the demigods will be part of the ritual that will take place in order for Lexie to finally be able to be with her dream lover. That is if her dream lover is able to freely leave his immortal realm with no consequences. This is the only way possible because of how potent the God’s are in their love making. Imagine not being able to survive being touched, caressed, loved because the human flesh would not survive. WOW!

Lexie is a normal human that has taken the plunge in going to this exotic island in search of her dream lover. She has had dreams this person yet knows nothing about him but knows that if she is able to make it to paradise she will find him and finally be able to meet him face to face, if she only knew at what cost. Lexie is brave for making this big step in her life but feels compelled to. She is starting to lose hope of ever finding him since she has been in paradise and there is no sign of him. When she finally encounters one of the demigods, Lust or Love, and hears what he has to say will she stay in paradise and seek her dream lover or leave not wanting to know anything about him and his world.

Grayel is the god of the twelfth realm that has been sneaking into Lexie’s dreams and now has called her to come to paradise to finally meet. He lived a different life than the others. He lived among the mortal in a boarding school, then turning of age he was called back home. There are a couple of issues that have come up that have complicated matters, he was hoping to be at their fountain when she first come to the resort but not possible. He needs to first deal with his father and others before anything is possible, if possible. Grayel is so close to the one person that he desires but so far away because is he cannot yet even touch her, he is a god. A God will harm a mortal in form of touching but could see them in the flesh.

Lexie's first sexual encounter in paradise was amazing because she had no idea who he was or even if he existed. The solo experience was something that she did not fully comprehend on how it happened but let her puzzled and so was I. Who could it be, could it be defiance or maybe just trying to get to know Lexie. Will Grayel experience his first sight of jealousy or someone else being with the woman he intended in mating? There mating ritual well be amazing if she decides this is what she wants to do. Now if they mate just image them actually having their first passionate loving making as God and Goddess. The steamy pleasures they will experience for the first time, not in a dream actually touching each other, every inch of their bodies being explored. Amazing!

This book is interesting in seeing how Grayel was able to make is future secure with the mortal Lexie and live together in harmony. If you knew this was your last day as a human what would you like to do, well Lexie will surprise you with her choice. One more intriguing little tidbit that will definitely leave you wanting to read this book even more, their mating is the most powerful reading that will literally leave you in flames and breathless. Read you will not regret it one bit.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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