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Review: Long, Lonely Nights by Marla Monroe

Long, Lonely Nights by Marla Monroe

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Logan Henderson retired from the army after twenty years of service and nearly dying on his last mission. When his neighbor begins having trouble with a stalker, he takes it upon himself to watch out for her. The problem is that he lusts after her as he watches her. He believes he is too rough of a lover for someone like her. Somehow he has to keep her safe from not only the stalker, but from him as well.

Tina Antonelli works as a coding consultant during the day and spies on her hunky neighbor at night. When the man who attacked her a year ago but was never caught returns to stalk her, Tina accepts her neighbor’s offer of help. But will her attraction to him lead to even more problems?

Monica's Review

Get yourself prepared for some hot, steamy passionate love making that will have you squirming in your seat. Get ready go drink up an iced drink because you will need it. There is some violence in the storyline that makes you just wish you were there to tear apart the men that think women are punching bags or there for them to tear inside out. Good thing that there are a couple of protectors that are willing to help a couple of women stay safe, but truly can they handle it?

Tina is one of the characters that is having difficulty with a stalker that has assaulted her and he vowed to come back to finish what he started. Tina is a brave woman but no matter how brave she wants to be there is always the fear lingering near by. One thing that I love about her character is that she is so sexually hungry in experimenting with outdoor sexual pleasure, she is able to forget about what happened to her and just relax and see where it takes her. Tina is so attracted to her neighbor that she tends to seek the long lonely nights out on her balcony seeing this gorgeous, sexy, hunk of a man that will bring any one to their climax with only his look and maybe some encouraging dirty words. The one thing that I really did not care for was her self doubt, she likes a little adventure in her love making, even if she went through a traumatic experience, she should not be ashamed. Once she learns how a trust a person maybe she can finally let loose and be happy with her demanding ways in the bedroom.

Logan is one of the protectors in the story and can I say he can protect me all he wants. He has been looking at Tina since he moved in next door and he seems to be attracted to her as she is to him. There is only one problem with that, he seems to thing he is not good enough for her; I do not think that should be his decision that should be hers. I totally fell in love with his character because he tries to be this big bad ass keeping an eye out for Tina. Logan seemed to have his own past that he needs to deal with but why not try to explore something new and make something out of it. When he finally finds out that she has a stalker, he no longer can keep himself away from her. He will find a way to protect her no matter what, if that is the last thing he does. I love how he thinks that Tina is this fragile woman that can not handle is domineering way in bed but if he only know that she can handle her own.

This story drew me in so well, that I could not believe when I got to the end that it was over. I was so into the storyline that I lost track of time and was in my own world of feeling hopeless in what Tina was going through. I knew that Logan would not let her down but there are times that someone cannot be there at all times no matter how much they want to be. No matter what happened they were able to over come their fears and had their happily ever after that they deserved. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and recommend this book to anybody that loves to read a good mystery/suspense with good erotic scenes between two characters that deserve each other.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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