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Review: The Surrender of Lacy Morgan by Suzanne Ferrel

The Surrender of Lacy Morgan by Suzanne Ferrel

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Western Romance

Heat Rating: 3



When two steely-eyed, lean-hipped strangers ride into town, Lacy Morgan knows her past has caught up with her. What she doesn’t know is that the U.S. marshals will do whatever’s necessary to capture her stepfather and his gang of murdering thieves, including bringing Lacy to her knees to serve their sexual needs.

Quinn and his blood brother Dakota are searching for the key to finding the band of outlaws who murdered their adoptive father. When they confront the sultry stepdaughter of the gang’s leader, they discover she’s unaware of her natural submissive tendencies.

As they journey to the gang’s lair, each day the men draw Lacy further and further into a sensuality she’s never known and a trust she’d sworn never to surrender to again. Using her lusty body for their combined pleasure, they find themselves ensnared in the same tender trap.

Wendy's Review

This book captured my attention from the very first sentence. Suzanne intrigued your interest with a story that had you hot and wanting to be hunted by marshals just like Quinn and Dakota.

Lacy Morgan wasn't proud of her past but running was all she had left, hoping against hope that the two marshals that rode into the little town of Beaver Run weren't there for her or her past sins.

Quinn and Dakota were doing their job, finding the outlaws who killed their adoptive father. Nothing was going to stop them from getting justice. When they saw Lacy in the small town they were going through they knew that it was a matter of time before she would lead them to the Devil that robbed the bank and killed Captain. Over the next few days with her depending on them for every need and every sexual orgasm was going to prove challenging to these two marshals who never let a woman come between them and the law they served.

Lacy was use to men who treated women like whores but she wasn't her mother, but as it turned out she was the woman for Quinn and Dakota who loved sharing their women. Quinn would stop at nothing to sexually torture Lacy into revealing all the secrets that she has hidden and to reveal the whereabouts of the hide out. Going through the days with these men wasn't what Lacy was used to. She was used to beatings and what Quinn and Dakota give her is a security she never felt.

Suzanne brought you a story that had you on the edge of your seat one second biting your nails as to what danger laid around the corner, and the next breathing heavy with excitement as Lacy learned that a true submissive was the one with all the power. Loving one man but wanting both was the hardest thing for Lacy to understand. If you are looking for adventure, a sexual mirage and a true love story, then this is the book I would recommend. Great story of the Wild West!

5 Tea Cups!

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