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Review: Bucking Hard by Darah Lace

Bucking Hard by Darah Lace

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



All her life, tomboy Bradi Kincaid has wanted two things—a career as a veterinarian in her hometown of Grayson, Texas…and Mason Montgomery. Problem is, he’s her best friend and, according to him, she’s “one of the guys”. Convinced he’ll never see her otherwise, Bradi comes up with a sure-fire plan to get over Mason—flirt a little, dance a lot and get laid.

What Mason imagines doing to Bradi is just all kinds of wrong. But the woman on the dance floor isn’t the girl he grew up with. She’s hot and sexy and turning him on. Him and every other man in the bar. She’s also had too much to drink and is unaware of the trouble she’s inviting. He does what any friend would—he steps in, then sets out to teach her a lesson.

But before the sun rises, Mason discovers Bradi has a thing or two to teach him.

Reader Advisory: This story contains spanking, biting and some tie-me-up, bucking-hard sex.

Denise's Review

Darah Lace made a fan of me with her fabulous book, BACHELOR AUCTION, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for more of her work ever since. In this short, sweet story, we’re introduced to tomboy Bradi Kincaid, a little girl no more, and pining as always after her best friend, Mason Montgomery. Since coming home, Mason has taken a healthy notice of Bradi, as well...and he doesn’t exactly know how to reconcile the fact that his childhood chum developed a woman’s body.

Ms. Lace knows how to write chemistry, and how. The heat between Bradi and Mason practically sizzled off my e-reader. What I particularly loved about BUCKING HARD was not unlike what I loved about BACHELOR AUCTION -- in that Ms. Lace’s female characterization defies convention in subtle, however clever ways. Bradi wasn’t a quivering wallflower, and though she knew she stood everything to lose by going after what she wanted, she did it anyway.

This was a fantastically fun, sensual, sexy, and sweet story. If you like well-written characters, wonderful dialogue, and sex scenes you practically need to read while standing in a cold shower, don’t miss this BUCKING HARD.

5 Tea Cups!

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Unknown said...

Thank you, Denise! I'm thrilled that you liked Bucking Hard. Your review was the highlight of my day!


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