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Review: Crimes of the Heart by Debora Ryan

Crimes of the Heart by Debora Ryan

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Ever since an accident killed her parents and left her older sister with life-altering injuries, Leah Keenan’s life hasn’t been her own. The insurmountable medical bills force her to desperate action. The company she works for is large. Nobody would notice if she skimmed a few thousand here and there to pay outstanding bills, would they?

The complications Will Dannaker brings are more than Leah needs in her life. Posing as a management intern, he is placed in her care. He isn't an intern; he's a fraud specialist working undercover at his father's company. When Will’s charm fails to penetrate Leah’s shields, he resorts to blackmail to make her go out with him.
As things grow serious between them, the embezzling spirals out of control. Six million dollars are missing—far more than Leah took—and all the evidence Will gathered points to Leah. Everything blows up when she is arrested, and Will is forced to fight his family to prove his love to Leah.

Monica's Review

Embezzlement and blackmail are not a great combination when it comes to falling in love.

When dealing with family tragedy some people will do anything when it comes to being able to help their siblings and maybe themselves. How far will a person go in order to protect their only family? Will she be ready to face the consequences later? These are all questions that were going through my mind as I was reading the story of Leah and what she was going through in life. She lived a simple life with her parents and her sister before tragedy struck and her problems started. Then out of nowhere she meets this guy in a club and is drawn to him not knowing what is coming to her.

Leah is an amazing woman, very intellectual, does not let anyone dictate her life but she also leads a very complicated life. She is surrounded by guilt because of her parents' death and the state that her sister is in. Leah is in the verge of losing everything but no matter what she keeps on going but she has a little secret—embezzlement. She is passionate about the work she does and takes her job seriously but in her mind she justifies what she is doing by saying the owner owns this multi-million dollar business what are a couple of thousand dollars going to do to him. Leah starts getting nervous when the son of the owner is placed with her for training and she becomes aware of why he is truly there. As time goes on and she spends more time with Will, she starts developing real feelings for him and starts to fall in love. How far can their relationship go if there are pending issues that need attention before a real relationship can be formed?

Will is a confident man and will do anything in order to find out who this amazing woman was that he met in the club. When he finds out that Leah is the person of interest in the embezzlement in this fathers company and she will be training him, he sets an agenda. His relationship with his family is not of the best but his mother has asked him to find out who has embezzled $6 million dollars from the company. Will will have to face up to the consequences of his actions when he realizes that he loves Leah and he has treated her as trash. Since the beginning Leah brushed him off or made their dates really cold but that makes him want her more. After realizing he could have lost her and soon will feel the loss he realized he loved her and now he has no chance in recuperating her. Only after he basically has handed her to the authorities for embezzlement does he finally figure out who the real corporate is but too late, the deed is done.

I really enjoyed reading this book with the twist and turns that Ms. Ryan had in this storyline. There was only one problem that I felt should have been resolved and that was the embezzlement. But the characters in the book were all good people and there was so much love between Leah and her sister Cece. I believe they really made this book because no matter what family sticks together through anything and everything no matter what it is. Leah sacrificed her life in order to make life better for Cece. The other scenario that I loved in this book was the actual trail for Leah and how that played out. As I was reading it I left like I was in the courtroom with her and felt her anxiety, her pain and her confusion. Read and enjoy the romance between Will and Leah and you will be in for a couple of surprises believe me you will not regret it.

4 Tea Cups!

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