Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Heartbeat by Mary Winter

Heartbeat by Mary Winter

Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Reba Dailey thought she had everything she wanted…until a heart attack brought her face-to-face with death. Now, no longer able to continue her high-power job as an advertising executive, she’s forced to discover what she truly wants out of life.

Todd Thorpe knows all about the laws of attraction and how to create energy to heal. He owns Healing Hands, a natural healing center, where he helps people make the most of their life. People like Reba Dailey. One heated kiss four years ago told him they’d be explosive together. And he’s hungered for her ever since.
Now she’s returned, and everything is a matter of a heart. With each steamy encounter, she's discovering the joy of her new life, and with each heartbeat, she's falling more and more in love.

Dodie's Review

Reba met Todd at a Christmas party at the height of her career. Despite their chemistry, Reba never pursued a relationship with him. Then Reba lost everything she thought was important to her. She had a heart attack and lost her job. Her medical treatments without health insurance, caused her to run through her savings. At a low point in her life, she found Todd again. I was so pleased that Reba didn't allow all the difficulties that were put in her path to drag her down.

Reba thought that rediscovering Todd would fix her health, as an expert of alternative medicine, but Todd fixed her heart. While Reba's growth and development is the focus of the story, it was Todd's quiet support that allowed it to happen. While normally it is the hero who realizes through constant, fantastic sex that he actually loves the heroine, here it is Reba who finds her love for Todd.

This easily could have been a story of Reba's fall from power, and her wallowing in the subsequent depression. This isn't the story of Reba's fall, however, this is the story of Reba's rise to her HEA, and a great read.

4 Tea Cups!

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