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Review: Magnolian by Lisa Greer

Magnolian by Lisa Greer

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



When her father dies, college dropout Lillian Mullins steels herself for a future of nothing special in Pittsburgh. An invitation to Magnolian holds promise, but nightmares, ghosts, and murder threaten to derail her attempt to get a life.

Lillian heads to the South, leaving Donovan Ross, an angsty potential lover, behind. After she finds her mother's old journal at Magnolian and learns a shocking secret, Lillian resolves to find out what happened nearly forty years ago to her mother's African American lover, Samson Jones. Mysterious accidents and threats make her wonder whom she can trust: her enigmatic distant cousin Willoughby Tate, who is running his father's gubernatorial campaign, her Aunt Lorelei, who warns of a dire future, the ghost who beckons her in the night, or her father's voice in the recurring dream that will not let Lillian rest.

Monica's Review

So, do you believe in spirits that are between worlds and where they should be? Believe that some spirits stay because they have unfinished business that need tending too?

This story takes place in Pittsburgh for the first couple of chapters when Lillian’s father passes away and she tries to find out where her life will go next. After receiving word from her grandmother she decides that maybe it will be a good idea to go for a visit and see what happens.

Lillian has experienced a lot in her short lifetime. After losing her father she is just in the state of shock and is now trying to find herself. Lillian is a very strong woman that will need all of her strength and courage to overcome what is happening to her not only emotionally but physically and mentally. She also experiences the confusion of liking two young men that have made it into her heart and that is Donovan from Pittsburgh and Will in Everwood. Who will she feel more chemistry with? They each have different qualities for a boyfriend material but one is just more intense.

The only thing that kept me from rating this story a little higher was the ending. I wanted to read a little more on Lillian and Will’s relationship. Yes, they had something going on throughout the story when she moved to her grandmothers home “Magnolian” but they actually never had a serious talk about their relationship and where it was heading. You know that they did have a happily ever after but no other indications that they actually ever said the three little words of “I Love You”. Magnolian was a very interesting story in trying to find out what happened to Samson and who could have hurt him. Lillian was also able to find more about her mother’s younger days solely because she found a journal with her feeling about her first love. The amount of happiness that Gretchen felt during her time with Samson but also the pain she felt when he all of a sudden disappeared. You will be very surprised on who was responsible with the disappearance of Samson. I surly was not expecting that person and still cannot believe it.

This book is for readers that enjoy the mystery of the spirit world and what their unfinished business leads them to do and when it is done the joy of them finally being able to free themselves to move on to their new world. This is a great mystery story where two people will fall in love not knowing that there fate will be tested until the very last day.

4 Tea Cups!

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