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Review: Is Three A Crowd? by Louisa Neil

Is Three A Crowd? by Louisa Neil

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Five years ago, land appraiser Maris lost all personal memories after an accident.

Now, she is looking forward to a job in the mountains. Then, the sight of Nathan, the landowner, and his business partner, Blake, triggers a sexual response unlike any other.

Maris soon discovers both men were once her lovers, and she is shocked by their past ménage relationship.
Only finding out the details of her accident will unlock her suppressed memories and allow Maris to come to terms with the freethinking woman she once was. But getting her men to agree to continue their previous three-way relationship may be her most difficult quest.

Monica's Review

When reading this story there were several different plots that I envisioned the story line going. I was totally wrong but I enjoyed seeing how everything unraveled and how Maris was able to find happiness. The mystery of the story kept me on the edge of my seat because there is someone out in the woods, out in town that was following her. Trying to figure out was it truly an animal or a person or maybe just in her mind but why. At the end there was a major twist that I never expected that left me shocked.

Maris is an intriguing person that is so outgoing and independent. Before her accident she was so liberating and carefree. She knew exactly what she wanted, when she wanted it and with whom and how many. I loved how she was able to express herself after a while, once she started realizing who she was five years ago before her accident. Maris was the instigator of their sexual encounters and directs how she wants to be pleased and will also let her lovers know when they can come. She holds the power to their future as either a regular couple or have a ménage relationship.

What can be said about Nathan and Blake only that they are two men that are in love with Maris. They have waited for five years in order to be with her and they are willing to see where their relationship will lead them and see who she picks. Nathan is your alpha male that enjoys taking charge of the situation but with Maris there are certain situations that he does not mind she take the lead. He is lost without her and is willing to do anything in order to make her happy. Blake is the young sexy artist that is carefree and will do anything for Maris even if it means that he needs to step aside if Maris chooses Nathan. These two men crave the same thing and that is the love of Maris, but both are afraid that they might lose her.

All three characters compliment each other and can make their relationship work. You will truly get lost in her glimpses of her memories that are surfacing of her prior life with her two men. After being kept apart for five years and not being able to see each other they deserved their happily ever after. I enjoyed seeing these three characters come to realize that they will only be truly happy being together.

4 Tea Cups!

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