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Review: Uncommonly Brazen by Rita Sawyer

Uncommonly Brazen by Rita Sawyer

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Josephine Brazen is the best CPA around, but even she may not be able to help Cameron Elwood out of the mess he’s in. Reluctantly, she takes him on as a client. Cameron pushes her buttons, driving her to distraction. He makes her want to do things she’s never considered before, and having her sisters not believe her when she tells them he’s just a client forces her to realize they might be right.

Joey is so organized she scares him, but Cameron knows she’s just what he needs. The more he’s around her, the more he wants to get her to loosen up. He hates that she keeps him at a distance when all he wants is to get closer. When people around town start talking about them, he decides to play up that angle and see if she can still pretend the only thing between them is business.

Monica's Review

Can an ex-adventurous young man and a perfectionist woman be the perfect match in this amazing romantic love story?

After reading the first three books of the Brazen Sisters, I could not wait to see how this sister would meet her prince charming, but not only that, the torture that he would be getting from all the sisters. The Brazen sisters know how to put a man through the wringer. I would hate to be one of them, but loved every minute of how they squirm in their seat when the questions coming flying by. They surely do know how to entertain during a dinner.

Josephine, Joey, is a sophisticated, intellectual young woman that has her whole life planned out but there is one little problem—she has no love life. To Joey, her love life can wait until their family is done with the remodel of their lodge retreat. After her encounter with her new client, Cameron, her life is torn apart and her plans of the future are doomed. Cameron gets under her skin so far deep in that there is no way to get him out of her heart without it breaking. She tries to dominate her relationship with Cameron but things backfire on her. She finally realizes with the help of her twin that she needs to let loose and live a little have fun and see things go.

Cameron is an adventurous, romantic young man that knows what he wants and will do anything in order to get it even if he has to beg for it. He tries so hard for Joey to realize that they could have a relationship and she still can have her professional life. Cameron has some secrets in his past that he needs to protect but for how long and will he be able to keep them from certain people of her family and one in particular from town? Cameron does mess up a couple of times during their relationship but he makes up for it. He is so sweet, caring and also so protective of her that you just sigh and hope for the best.

This book is just amazing to see how Joey and Cameron meet and how quickly they just fell in love with each other. Yes, their starting relationship was so short but it was worth it till the very end. You will be so surprised with the ending the gesture that Cameron does for Joey is so sweet it wants to make you cry. He just thought of everything and makes their day so sweet. You will not regret reading this book not even for a minute. When you do have a chance do read the first three books of the Brazen Sisters and see where it all began.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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