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Review: Bad Lands by Alexis Martin

Bad Lands by Alexis Martin

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Sci-Fi Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Living in the wastelands, Quincy and Tegan eke out a meager existence as scavengers. Tegan secretly has a insatiable crush on the man who saved her from a slave’s fate five years earlier. But Quincy is unaware of Tegan's feelings for him, and in truth, he harbors the same desire for her.

In the town of Last Chance, Quincy goes though his normal routine. He barters for goods with his findings, has a nice warm meal with Tegan and beds one of his favorite harlots, Hannah. This time, Tegan shows her aggravation and decides to make Quincy jealous by taking Jimbo, the local merchant's son, to her apartment.
Quincy McAdams and Tegan Sparrow survived Armageddon, but will they survive each other?

Clare C’s Review

Bad Lands is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth. The landscape is a barren wasteland full of unscrupulous people. Tegan is a woman traveling with a man who saved her from becoming a sex slave. She loves him, but he doesn’t see it. It’s a promising premise for a story.

I think the author tried to cram an epic adventure into less than 100 pages. Several times, things happened without any kind of buildup or warning. Coincidences and assumptions that had no basis in logic appeared regularly. For example, a villain suddenly turned good, but we don’t know that until we see her being tortured. If she’s going to try to set the heroine free, then I want to read that scene. I want to know what happened and why.

Also, I never knew whose point of view the scene was supposed to be in. Sometimes, we jumped from one character’s point of view to another’s mid-sentence.

I didn’t care for Tegan, and I didn’t see why she wanted Quincy other than the fact she was horny and he saved her from a horrible fate. The fact that both had sex with multiple other people, even after they decided they loved one another, bothered me.

The ending puzzled me because the story seemed to suddenly become a ménage, but not really, and the setting suddenly turns into the Garden of Eden, complete with the ‘special child’ in Tegan’s womb. Perhaps I would have been able to believe it if the author had slowed down or if she had only chosen a slice of the story to tell?

1 ½ Tea Cups!


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