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Review: The Baker's Sweets by Angela Wray

The Baker's Sweets by Angela Wray

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Lily never dreamed she would ever meet one man who would interest her more than her work does, let alone two. Meeting twin cops is not on her agenda, nor is creating more than a few hot memories. The lightning-fast romance is a surprise---the proposal an even bigger one.

Meeting the perfect mate was so unlikely. Morgan and Ian never imagined they would get so lucky. Will they be able to keep such a woman, or will the secret they are keeping steal away their chances for happiness?
Discovering that they are shape-shifters is frightening, but anger over their deceit quickly takes its place. Asking for space, Lilly could not foresee the tragedy that would strike the trio and could take the decision out of her hands. Will their dreams of happily ever after fall flat?

Yadkny's Review

Lily may be a skilled baker, but she's also extremely overworked. Her only employee has pointed this out to her using Lily's lack of a personal life as the result. To show proof in changing her social ways, Lily heads out to a birthday party. To Lily's surprise, she's on the receiving end of the presents when a set of twins set their sights on her.

As soon as they see Lily, Morgan and Ian instinctively knew that this sweet petite baker was about to change their world in a big way. The alpha pair are masterful of her body, but unfamiliar with how to approach her with their unique abilities. Before long, the stakes are raised when a discovery is made that could make losing Lily that much more painful.

Ms. Wray delivers a very sweet treat for our reading pleasure! An author can't go wrong with giving reader's an alpha male they can devour, but it's double the fun when there’s two. What is most attractive about Morgan and Ian, besides their gorgeous physiques, is their dominance of Lily isn't overbearing. They also counterbalance each others personalities with one being the more serious twin and the other has a more of a playful streak. Both of those traits appeal to Lily on various levels and are just what she needs in her life. Lily's innocence, work ethic, and inner sex kitten attributes are not only believable, but relatable.

Although the story lacked a bit of fluidity between the dialogue and scene changes, I was still completely enraptured by the characters and the love story that was created. The editing errors were distracting at times and it is not immediately apparent which characters point-of-view was being described. However, Ms. Wray does a fantastic job of giving each of the characters their own unique voice. There is potential in the storyline and characters that if Ms. Wray so wills it, there could very well be a continuation of this story – or at least I'm hoping for one.

Ms. Wray is a new to me author and I look forward to what she plans using her writing talent on next. I fully recommend reading this story if you're a paranormal romance fan and even more so if you're a fan of reading ménage.

4 Tea Cups!

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heather said...

This is the only book I have read of her's but I would def recommend it :)


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