Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Review: Stroke Me by Calista Fox

Stroke Me by Calista Fox

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Book 1 in the Body Scenes series.

Newly divorced Annabelle leaves her proper life behind for the bright lights, big city experience in Manhattan. Her first night in town, her best friend takes her to Body Scenes, a hedonistic hotspot where artists create themed masterpieces for exclusive display—using naked bodies as their blank canvases.

When a renowned artist asks to paint Annabelle in a sexy scene with three very hot men, the request is too tempting to pass up. With each stroke of the brush on her sensitive skin, she’s more than ready to be the star of the mural—and the erotic foursome.

Claudette's Review

Stroke me is not strictly speaking a romance. It’s about a woman exploring her sexuality after having it stifled during her marriage. After her divorce, Annabelle wants to shake the shackles of her old self off with a vengeance. What better way to do that than to team up with her still wild friend from her college days, Yvette. Yvette teases Annabelle about her prudish country club lifestyle and takes Annabelle to somewhere completely outside her proper suburbanite experience.

The main feature of the club Yvette takes Annabelle to is the art show. Some very naughty naked live art. Annabelle gets asked to dance by a very attractive and hot bodied man called Eric. Eric makes her feel sexy and desirable, something she hasn’t felt in years. What woman wouldn’t appreciate that? Eric is one of the performers in the art show. Of course someone drops out and they need a woman to replace her and perform in a piece with three men, Eric is one of the men and he recommends Annabelle. The artist thinks that Annabelle would be perfect for the piece too. So does she have the guts to get naked for the sake of art? Eric wants to see Annabelle again afterwards so it’s a HFN. This is a hot little ménage novella.

3 Tea Cups!


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