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Review: A Bride for Two Babes by Edith Dubois

A Bride for Two Babes by Edith Dubois

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



New York businesswoman Emilie Benson feels like she’s been banished into exile upon arriving in Male Order, Texas to sell her father’s baseball team, the Dallas Outlaws. The last thing on her mind is falling in love, but when she meets the sexy twins interested in buying her father’s team, she realizes she may be getting more than she bargained for.

Grayson and Gavin Stephens have grown up loving baseball, so deciding to become the owners of a Major League Baseball team feels like the perfect plan. Especially when the mysteriously seductive Emilie Benson comes waltzing into their life! When Emilie becomes their lover, it doesn’t take long for the twins to realize she is the woman of their dreams.

As sole heir to her father’s company, however, there’s another man who desires Emilie. And he will stop at nothing to keep the twins away from her.

Monica's Review

Another beautiful relationship blossomed in Mail Order, Texas. What started as a business deal to own a baseball team ended up more like an overheated sexual desire between the daughter of the owner of the baseball team and the Stephans twins.

Emilie just radiates confidence, sexyness and self-assurance. Sure she believed that all she wanted from the twins was just sex but soon she starts to unravel and exposes her heart to the possibility of love. Emilie had a rough first love and has no intentions in ever having a committed relationship. She needs to remember that she comes from a very wealthy family and she is the sole heir of her father’s business affairs.

Wow, Gavin worked his charm on Emilie from the moment that his eyes meet hers and it was fireworks. Gavin could not keep his hands off of Emilie but soon he would finds out that she was the one. Now the one that of course had to stay back and take it slow was Grayson. Sure he wanted her as much as Gavin but he tried to make himself remember that this was a business deal. Only problem was that Emilie has other plans for the twins and let the games begin.

Emilie realizes while attending a party at the Boom Boom Room that she has feelings for both Gavin and Grayson but then she is determined that she is not meant to have a long term commitment. She will end up breaking their heart or worst of all maybe her heart would get broken. The only good thing that ended up from that party was the intense talk between her and Sherri, the twin’s friend. Find out how she ended up at the twin’s home with a couple of purchases from her sensual party but not only that what she had on when Grayson opened the door to their home. What a great way to end a heated talk.

Of course like in all stories there is always a weasel out there is just can not seem to be happy for the newly couple. There has to be motive in trying to keep them apart in order to get to her father’s millions. I could not believe how someone could steep so low in leaking information about someone and their sexual adventures for the world to see. You have to read how this scum bag shattered every ounce love they had for each other. The only problem was that he messed around with the wrong guys.

This is such a wonderful story and to experience the trials of seeing how someone could not only love one man but two is amazing. See how Emilie finds her happily ever after with Gavin and Grayson and how the truth comes to light. Especially after Emilie finds out that the internet can also be a good thing to spread some good news.

4 Tea Cups!

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