Friday, June 3, 2011

Review: Daffodils by Donna B. Snow

Daffodils by Donna B. Snow

Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 1



Margaret Ellington is not only grief stricken after her husband dies, but guilt ridden as well. Her solution? To run away. Hoping to escape the memories of her failure as a wife, she vows never to marry again, not even if it's Lukas North, her first love who's now returned.

Lukas North is determined to reclaim the love he threw away ten years ago. He's willing to give Margaret time to recover from losing her husband, but letting her go is not an option.

Margaret is wary of another long-distance relationship with Lukas-after all, it didn't work the first time-and when she discovers he's been keeping a secret, she panics. After the mistakes they made in the past, can their relationship be rebuilt on anything less than complete honesty?

Can Lukas prove his devotion, and can Margaret learn to trust that both Lukas and God want only what's best for her?

Clare's Review

Can second chances happen? Is it possible for love to come again once the moment has gone? This debut novel by Ms Snow explores that in a wonderful story. Margaret leaves all she knew after the death of her husband, to start a new life in a new town. Only Lukas seems determined to reclaim her heart, one piece at a time. Filled with spring flowers and hope, this story of love and faith is one to not to be missed.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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