Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review: Desiree by Michele Zurlo

Desiree by Michele Zurlo

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Desiree has one mission to fulfill in this lifetime. She must reunite with her werewolf soul mates long enough to get one of them to turn her into a wolf so they can impregnate her. Then she can finally break free from the cycle of rebirth and heartbreak she and her lovers have been forced to endure.

Once Marius, Demetrius, and Flynn find the woman they know they’re destined to love, there is no force they will allow to tear her from them, not even their loyalty to their pack. After a near-tragedy rocks the Lycan community, Desiree is left unprotected, and she must flee for her life.

Though it breaks her heart, she has no intention of returning to her lovers. She won’t ask them to choose between their love for their pack and their love for her. The trio of brothers must fight to preserve their love.

Monica's Review

The Daughters of Circe Series is back with Desiree now trying to reunite with her soul mates—but for how long?

Desiree is on a mission to find her sister Torrey “Torment” but her top priority is to focus on the only way to break the curse. Desiree has a hard time trusting her soul mates from the first time she was torn from them three thousand years before this latest encounter. I was heartbroken to read her story of how she had to endure the pain of being torn away from her soul mates time after time. How she lacked trust in them to keep her safe, love her no matter the situation. She is a strong, vibrant woman and nothing is going to stop her in succeeding her mission and also trying to locate her sister.

Marius felt something from the moment he laid eyes on Desiree but knew what she was and that their pack would never accept her no matter what. No matter what his gut tells him he takes her to his home and plans to share her with his brothers Demetrius and Flynn. From the moment that Demetrius laid a hand on her he knew that she was his mate and he would kill anyone that interfered with them even if it was one of his brothers, sorry to say but Flynn felt the same way. Sure Marius felt the same way but he hid his feelings but he could not repress them anymore and took matters in his own hands.

Their love was tested and her soul mates failed in keeping her safe. They left her alone knowing that there were other weres from the pack that would want to kill her. Desiree knew that the time with them was short term and she needed to move on before it was too late.

I loved that the second series of Daughters of Circe brought the curse closer to being broken. I enjoyed seeing how Desiree and her soul mates were able to cover come their tragedies and able to find a future together. Desiree had to learn how to trust again in her men. Marius, Demetrius and Flynn would have to make her see that they loved her, cherished her and they would always protect her and never leave her alone again. Only one of her soul mates was able to get through to her, see who was able to break down her barriers. Read how they were able to have their own happily ever after only after three thousand years.

4 Tea Cups!

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Thanks for taking the time to review this. I'm glad you liked it.
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