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Review: Soul Sacrifice by Leanore Elliott

Soul Sacrifice by Leanore Elliott

Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



It becomes hot and restless down in the deep south.

A Creole pact that haunts a family for a hundred years.

Its 1889...Cesso and Reeves meet, and it's an electrifying experience. They will love and fight until it brings their souls to peril, when they make the Soul Sacrifice.

It's 1989...Jubilee Evangeline is the last living heir, removing the Hundred year old curse is her destiny, but will she lose the man she loves because of it?

Charlie and Ravens are brought to the Avalonde plantation to lift the Evangeline family curse. Sparks fly between them as they begin again. But will the Demon of the pact tear them apart?

You will live the Sacrifice, Betrayal and the Redemption in...The Soul Trilogy.

Lorien's Review

Soul Sacrifice is an intriguing story based on a Creole family curse that began in 1889. The book takes us to a dream that Cessoline has of a man. When she finds out the man is her brother's best friend Reeves, she disguises herself in a costume from marrying him. Her plans backfire and they both end up dying.

A hundred years later in 1989, Cessoline’s heir Jubilee tries to lift the curse. Reporter Charlie Sanders and Blaine Ravens are brought to Avalonde Plantation to assist Jubilee. Instant chemistry ignites when Charlie and Ravens meet. Then there’s Nick St. Claire, a detective out to find the truth who still has feelings for Jubilee.

The storyline has plenty of amazing twists and turns. The author did a great job of interweaving suspense with romance. The world building and character development played an important role where it switches back and forth from 1889 to 1989. If you’re a fan of intricate plot and steamy paranormal romance, you will enjoy this book.

4 Tea Cups!

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