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Review: Surrender at Sea by Becca Dale

Surrender at Sea by Becca Dale

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Experience has taught forty-year-old Jessica Summers how to manage and diffuse even the toughest situation, but when she’s assigned to protect a multi-millionaire game designer everything changes. The hot, young entrepreneur with sex on his mind becomes the one thing Jess can’t control. Damned irritating brat.

Petite and sassy, Jess teases Sean McCloud’s sense of humor and ignites emotions he’s repressed for too long. He doesn’t see the twelve year age difference as an issue. His heart and body want her plain and simple. Sean just has to get past her hang ups, survive a pirate attack at sea, and convince his sexy bodyguard to surrender. What could be easier?

Monica's Review

This book begins with a little rich boy, Sean, that believes he is untouchable, but overall he is just a brat like Jess calls him.

Sure Sean is a young man that has lots of money but one thing about him that I loved was that he was loving, caring and most of all a white knight. Yes, he made Jess crazy with his obnoxious remarks especially when he called her “grandma.” Sean had a great sense of humor but there were times in the book that he thought he was being funny but all he ended up doing was make Jess feel rejected. He was so passionate and gave it his best in order for Jess to finally give into his seduction.

Jessica “Jess” was a bodyguard that was hired to keep his mom safe during a 14 day vacation out on the open sea. Only problem was that his mom had a different agenda, Jess needed to protect her son, Sean. Reminder the open sea is notorious for modern day pirates whom might want to hi-jack the yacht. Jess thought she could handle the situation but there was one problem she was attracted to the young rich boy. Sure they had their slight arguments where she basically named him brat. Sure there was a slight difference in age but if both of them were consenting adults why not have fun, live a little.

Sean became a white knight when he defended Jess and that was when he finally made it clear that she was his and no one else’s. That was the moment that he finally realized that he was finally in love with her and he was going to make her see that they could be together. There was only one problem her ex-husband and revenge.

I enjoyed this book, seeing these two characters overcome their past and being able to see that they could have a future together. Sure it was a close call for Jess but Sean was right beside her showing her that he loved her. Jess was not able to hide very long from Sean and once her kissed her and pleasured her she surrendered at sea.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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