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Review: Time to Pretend by Michele Zurlo

Time to Pretend by Michele Zurlo

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 4



One glimpse of Daniel DiMarco sets Alaina Miles’s hormones into overdrive, but she cannot act on her feelings. Not only is he ten years younger than her, he’s a notorious womanizer. When the tension between them escalates into one night of passion, Alaina takes it in stride. It’s a dream come true, but it’s only one night.

When a leak in her roof forces her to hire a contractor, Evan Carrico, Daniel’s best friend and secret lover, is the man for the job. It doesn’t take long for Alaina to realize that her attraction to Evan is much more serious than it should be.

As she falls in love with them and they fall for her, Alaina discovers their secret, but she wants to wait for them to build enough trust in their relationship to tell her themselves. When she stumbles upon them locked in a passionate embrace only hours after a tragic event, will the explosion destroy everything they’ve built?

Monica's Review

The characters are wonderful and easy to fall in love with them. I found myself frustrated with Daniel because he could not be open with the feelings that he has towards Evan and I wanted to reach in the book and give him a good slapping.

Alaina is confused with her feelings towards Daniel and Evan. Sure she went out with Daniel once but she was not able to forget him. Then she met his best friend Evan and she can not keep her hands to herself. Her profession allows her be able to decipher people's feelings by their body language and facial expressions. It was hard not to cry to see how her parents treated her and her brother.

Daniel is the typical male that has been able to settle down but the only problem is that he has not been able to realize that he is bisexual. Sure he knows that he could not be able to live without Evan but he can not show it out in public. After his dinner with Alaina he realized that he wants her long term but there is one problem, Evan. After they become more acquainted so to speak he realized he needs both Evan and Alaina in his life and he will do anything in order to have them.

Evan is the man that knows what he is and what he wants but after the ultimatum he has given Daniel he could lose his love of his life. Evan after his first meet and greet with Alaina he realizes that she is everything that Daniel said she was. He was unprepared to feel maybe lust for her but how about jealousy. Alaina is the person that holds their futures in her hands and can tear them apart.

Sure their relationship has its rough parts especially since their lives are drastically changing, but they show how in love they are with her. There feelings are showed to her daily and the best part is that they love her kid brother. They show Alaina that they can be great dads since her parents are absent in their lives. Alaina knows that they are hiding something but wants to see if they will tell her the truth about their feeling for each other. One has come out with the truth but the other has not and hopefully he does not wait to long and lose both of them.

Time to Pretend is a beautiful story that shows everyone that love can be everything imaginable but only if it is strong enough. I enjoyed reading how this love story was unraveled between the lies and deception.  Will they have the family they have both wanted and do they actually have a happily ever after?  Read to find out!

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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Thanks for taking the time to review Time to Pretend. I'm glad you liked it.


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