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Review:A Stranger Within by Amanda Steiger

A Stranger Within by Amanda Steiger

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Kat Hanson just wants a normal life…but that’s out of the question when you’re the human host of Fenrir, an immortal, bloodthirsty wolf-demon. A deranged scientist is after her—or rather, what's inside her—and the sealing spell that keeps Fenrir trapped inside Kat’s body is weakening, giving Fenrir more control over her thoughts and emotions.

As if that wasn’t enough to deal with, she’s just learned that her friend Alex is actually a bodyguard secretly assigned to protect her…and there’s a side to him she’s never seen before now, a side she finds unnervingly attractive. But after learning how much he’s kept hidden from her, Kat isn’t prepared to trust him. The fact that she now sprouts fur and claws whenever she’s aroused doesn't help matters, either.

If she wants to survive, she has to learn how to harness the power within her...and deal with her own confusing desires.

Claudette's Review

College student Kat Hunter finds out that she had been kept in blissful ignorant about everything. All the important questions such as who she is? Who her birth parents were? Why are some very dangerous people are after her?. Even her best friend Alex is more than the dorky friend who has always been there for her. Twenty two years ago, a mad man released a demon to allow him to cleanse the world of the plague of mankind. A good many people died so that Kat’s body could be used as a containment vessel to imprison the demon Fenir. Now the madman and his minions have found her, and they intend to free Fenir.

Kat has to deal with the sense of betrayal she feels because her adoptive parents and her friend Alex have been lying to her. Now she realizes that the horrible dreams she has been having are Fenir’s way of communicating with her. Dreams of blood and violence, that frighten her, both with their intensity and because in the dreams, she revels in it. Now Kat’s eyes have really been opened to the reality of what has been hidden from her all her life. Before she was just another college student who was trying to immerge from her cocoon and be more confident, more in charge of herself and now? Fenir’s influence is growing. Kat is not only afraid of what he will do if he’s the one holding the reins on her body and mind, but what he will ultimately do if and when he gains complete control.

This is a gripping and well written paranormal novel with a very beautiful love story underpinning it. Alex has always been in love with Kat, but she has never seen him as anything other than her dependable and faithful best friend. It’s his love, devotion and his faith in her strength that tip the scales and help her to maintain her humanity, while being possessed by a very dangerous force of evil. The characterization and excellent story combine to provide the reader with a real page turner that will have them riveted until the last word. The world building is both clever and entertaining and I was really drawn in. I certainly enjoyed this novel, and don’t doubt that you will too.

4 Tea Cups!

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