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Review: Deceptions of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh

Deceptions of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Tempers run hot through the members of the Order of Night as Lex tries to settle in as the new Triad vampire. But when a jaguar attacks him in his bed, his life gets turned upside down, and he discovers a new meaning to keeping your friends close and your enemies closer.

Kill the triad vampire or your brother dies. Shayla grudgingly accepts the assignment. But she soon realizes that success is easier said than done as she lies prone, trapped against the floor and secured by the body of one pissed off sexy leech.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Lex wants answers, and Shayla wants her brother returned alive. They form a shaky truce as they seek out the man who has both. Fierce attraction pushes them closer as mistrust tears them apart. Deception lays in wait around every corner as they struggle to find the mastermind behind the traitors to the Order of Night. As the tension rises, desire begins to burn with an intensity that threatens to consume, leaving them to question whether they can find what they seek with their lives and hearts intact.

Yadkny's Review

“Har har, little puddy tat.”

When jaguar shifter, Shayla, was sent to kill the Triad Vampire of the Order of Night, she thought she had the right leech. As it turns out, the charmingly annoying vampire with the quick comebacks has the right title, but is the wrong brother. Lex doesn't mind the little hellcat tried to kill him as she continues to unknowingly stroke his 'big ego'. Somethings off with this attempted assassination though and the scarring on her wrists and ankles prove it, but will she trust him enough to give him the truth?

He found love where he never expected it and betrayal where he never saw it coming.

With a Mr. & Mrs. Smith vibe to this story, Ms. Cavanaugh takes action, adventure, and sexual tension to another level with this latest addition to the Order of Night series. Amidst uncovering a deep betrayal, Shayla and Lex find that there differences will either make or break them, but they continue together in order to right the wrongs of both races. There strengths compliment each other and they work well in bringing down the bad guys while keeping their witty banter in play. It's when the adrenaline from a night of fighting or action between the sheets wears off that the seriousness of their emotional situation sets in. The chemistry between the characters kept me turning the pages and their developing romance felt believable.

The descriptions are succinct and yet sufficient for the necessary scene imagery. With the characters constantly interrupted during them most inopportune moments (e.g. right after a rousing bout of sex where they hadn't even left the bed yet) it kept the suspense and pace rising. There is an unhappy couple in the story that has me definitely intrigued as well as mysteries behind a new shifter by the name of Xander. He sounds delicious and simply must have his own story. I am very satisfied with how Lex's story turned out and even more excited for Ms. Cavanaugh to continue with the next in this series.

4 1/2 Tea Cups!

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