Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review: This Side of Dawn by Dara England

This Side of Dawn by Dara England

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Some secrets you can’t walk away from…

One icy winter night Teagan Grant feels reckless…and desperate. But when she takes her fate into her own hands she may not survive long enough to regret it.

Teagan is about to learn that some secrets don’t die easily. Not when they belong to a cursed man who will do anything to ensure his darker side remains undiscovered. And it will take more than the break of dawn to save anyone who stands in his way.

Lena's Review

Living in an alley with trashbags is what her life has become. For months now Teagan Grant has learned to survive in the city. She expected a lot of things in living in the streets but never a man like J. Rotham. Living a day at a time and eating out of trash cans has made her feel desperate and Rotham is her salvation. The thing is that he scares her. Teagan has no idea what he is up to only that he is her ticket out of the streets. Working nights with him she starts to feel like something is not right with her boss. Yet instead of fear Rotham has started to become more than a boss employee relationship. A once in a lifetime at finally getting out of the streets could mean sacrificing her life. Can she risk it?

Dara England has once again created a tale of secrets, betrayal and deceit all in one story. Though it is short it packs a lot story in one package. Teagan is a woman who has had such bad luck lately and Rotham is the key to her comeback to life. These two are very strange yet through it all Dara England shows us love can appear in any way. Great job.

3 Tea Cups!


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