Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review: A Duke’s Desire by Liz Cole

A Duke’s Desire by Liz Cole

Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Anna Carrington is no longer a child, but a marriageable young woman who has loved the Duke of Fairmount for years. She has kept her love for him well hidden, sure that even if, by some miracle, he did return her feelings, his dedication to propriety would never allow him to marry his ward.

Jared St. James is known for his strict adherence to the rules of society and respectability, even though he finds himself lusting after Anna. Having struggled against his desire to his young ward, he decides the only way to right the situation is to marry her off, but will she accept the man he has chosen for her or stake claim to her innocence?

Hunter’s Review

I don’t really think its appropriate to read a short story and then complain that I think the story should be longer. I love brief short stories. But, I do require something to happen in the story that makes it worthwhile to read.

Anna is a very nice character and Jared seems the same. She is eighteen and has a crush on her guardian, Jared, the Duke. Jared arrives home, proposes to her, and they have very hot, first time sex. The story is over. There is no conflict to this story, nothing to make it seemingly difficult for them to get together, except perhaps Anna’s nagging doubts at the beginning that she could ever want anyone but him.

This story is very well written, the love scene is steamy, but it seems unfinished to me. I do, however, think that anyone who likes to read a hot sex scene would enjoy reading the one here.

2 Tea Cups!


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