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Review: His Saving Grace by Ellen Dye

His Saving Grace by Ellen Dye

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Mountain Men of West Virginia

Pregnant and down on her luck, professional chef Grace Dannon finds herself employed as well as living rent free—thanks to a generous friend. With this new lease on life, anticipating the new arrival, she has one rule: no men, ever, in her life again.

Recently relocated from his native West Virginia, building contractor RoyLee Hardison has sworn off women. All women. Lonely for a decent bed and starved for good home cooking, he jumps at his employer’s offer of a free home while he's in town.

No one told Grace or RoyLee the offers came with strings: sharing the same house. The most unexpected things can happen when two people live under one roof.

Monica's Review

His Saving Grace is a wonderfully written story about what it truly means being a family; it is not always DNA that makes a family. Ellen Dye truly captured my heart in seeing how from friendship a relationship can truly become more. From a startled encounter in the beginning, then came the baby and taking part of the delivery, to their every first kiss. It was a blossomed relationship that turned into love.

Grace is a woman that believes that having a stepfather for her child will bring unhappiness to her child. She is taking in the experience she had as a child and remembering her childhood and how her own stepfather treated her after her mother married him. Sure he treated her with all the kindness before he married her mother but then after that she felt alone not loved. This is something that she does not want her child to go through but after visiting with RoyLee’s family she starts to think differently. Not only the way that RoyLee treats her and how he makes sure that she has everything she starts seeing that maybe she could be happy and RoyLee could take part in her life and in the life of Pearl.

RoyLee also had a rough childhood losing his parents at a young age and being in the system. That did not last long because his mother’s best friend ended up taking him in after a miserable night that ended him in the hospital. He is sure that he has no need to start a relationship with another woman after his ex-girlfriend. He can go ahead and use a friendship during his 4 month stay renovating some houses. Little by little he starts seeing Grace for who she truly is and before he knows it he falls in love but he has to remember that she has always told him that she has no intentions of finding anyone, it would simply be her and the baby.

There are some slight problems that come into the lives of Grace and RoyLee. The past has come back to wreck havoc but only if they let it. This is something that they both need to take care of in order to maybe have a future together. This will get them to leave the past in the past.

Then just when things seems to be perfect something happens to the precious baby, Pearl. This is where they truly become a family and Grace finally understands that a blood relative does not mean that they are truly a family. Grace finally has a sense of being part of a true family.

I truly enjoyed this story of how Grace and RoyLee became a complete family. I am going to have to read the first book to this series and see how Heath and Rachel met and finally feel in love. I cannot wait to see how Hunter will find the one person that he will fall head over heels for, since he believes that RoyLee is setting himself up to heartbreak. I truly recommend this story to anyone that is ready to just curl up in bed or on the coach and just read a very romantic story that will have you smiling throughout the book with maybe just a giggle or to.

5 Tea Cups!

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