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Review: Miss: Senorita and the Soldado by Laura Marie

Miss: Senorita and the Soldado by Laura Marie

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Elloisa must escape the grasp of her former lover, notorious drug lord Armando Sintorez, but getting out of Mexico with the help of sexy DEA Agent Gustavo Montoya is the last thing she expects.

Now back in America, she learns the depths of Armando's betrayal. Because of him, she thought her family was dead. But Elloisa has enough information to close down her captor’s drug cartel, along with over a dozen others.

Elloisa is trying to heal and make up for lost time with the family she believed dead, but her past relationship with the drug lord results in a very real death sentence for her and her family. Elloisa is trying to do the right thing in the name of justice, but she wants to protect her family. Never one to trust easily, Elloisa suspects she is battling leaks and snitches, and she may be right.
When DEA Agent Gustavo Montoya vows to protect her, Elloisa feels she has finally found someone to trust, but neither one expects to fall in love.

Monica's Review

Elloisa is a young, brave woman that deserves to be happy. After all the lies that Armando feed her along with the amount of crime she witnessed is beyond words. Gustavo is her soldado, protector from the beginning of their journey till the every end. This storyline will have you at the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next in the struggle to get from Mexico to the United States but not only that how to keep Elloisa safe from Armando when she finally sees her family.

What would you do if you were about to be raped by a man that has held you captive for over one year? After witnessing how his associates treated other women and not only that but the lack of respect that is showed to you. Well, Elloisa has had enough and has been training herself to flee Armando and that moment has come. Believe me I was over joyed on how she was able to get free from Armando and had devised a plan to leave Mexico and head to the United States. She was so brave in walking in the desert alone with fear that someone would find her and take her back to the estate with Armando. The only thing she did not expect was to find a stranger in her room in a secure location ready to attack her but someone else was there to rescue her.

Gustavo, from the moment that he saw Elloisa and the sadness in her eyes he knew that he wanted her out of the reach of Armando. There was only one problem, what if she did not want to be rescued. After his mission was changed and now his mission was to get her back to her family in the United States, his focus changed. There was another problem could he trust her and the intel she had on Armando so they could capture him and bring him to justice.

Armando was a mighty piece of crap that believed he owned Elloisa. He treated her as a prized possession that could be shown off in front of his associates. He trophied her around and made sure she would always attend his meeting with his associates as they planned their dealings. Armando’s weakness was Elloisa and the moment that he realized what she had done to him come hell or high water he was going to make her pay. He would make sure that she would suffer and see her family die right in front of her face. Armando was obsessed with Elloisa and he believed that he loved her and no other man would dare touch her. There was only one problem, Gustavo her “soldado.”

Her brothers were ready from the moment they heard that Elloisa was alive to protect her. The only problem was that there was a certain agent that seemed too interested in Elloisa. Mathew was the first brother that was informed that she was alive and had escaped Armando and was in route to the United States with an agent. There was something that Mathew did not like when Gustavo looked at his sister but he was the one now responsible to protect her.

Once the battle started it was hard to put my e-reader down. There were so many dead bodies, gunfire and most of all the amount of pain that Elloisa endured in the hands of Ramos. That was not the worst part but it came later when she realized that she was tied up and in the hands of Armando, again. Sure she believed that her soldado would come get her but there was fear that he was dead and especially when she saw that two of her brothers got shot. All she could do was agree to the demands of Armando in order to save the rest of her family.

You will not regret reading this book and you will fall in love with the soldado just as I did. Read how Elloisa was able to get rescued from the brutal hands of Ramos and Armando. See how Elloisa and Gustavo were able to finally have their happily ever after. Read about the future that have with each other and how their passion envelops them.

5 Tea Cups!

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