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Review: Dishonorable Intentions by Adrienne Davenport

Dishonorable Intentions by Adrienne Davenport

Publisher: Eternal Press
Genre: Historical Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Hidden amongst the rolling hills of Scotland’s rugged countryside sits Kinrara Keep, home to the beautiful and spirited Countess of Kinley. Determined to never marry, Jezebel has but one goal: to care for the home she loves and the aging servants who are her only family. But fate it seems has a far different plan for Jezebel.

Aiden Darlington, the wealthy and powerful Duke of Thistledowne has offered Jezebel his hand in marriage. By rejecting him she risks his wrath, but was she to accept she would be risking far more. Now Aiden’s life is threatened and Jezebel is the prime suspect. Caught amidst a maelstrom of passion and danger, either Aiden or Jezebel dares to acknowledge the love that is enfolding between them. Even as they fight to resist its force however they cannot deny that it is that very love which could ultimately be their salvation. If only they could find the courage to reach for it.

Kris' Review

Dishonorable Intentions is a wonderful story well worth the read, topping in at just over 400 pages. The characters of Jezebel McKinley and Aiden Darlington are refreshingly unique and an exquisite match for each other. Both are stubborn, opinionated and are always right. Neither is looking for love because their plans don’t include love. A chance meeting in a meadow in Scotland has Aiden Darlington, the Duke of Thistledowne, hiring a private investigator to find this beautiful woman that he meets. All he knows is that she has red hair as golden as the sun, and eyes as blue as the summer sky.

Jezebel McKinley has led a very hard life in Scotland. She is the Countess of Kinley, and Lady of Kinrara. Her father and brother Robert died three years ago leaving her the sole heir of Kinrara. As such, being a woman, she knew that the men would never do business with her. Since she has no intention of marrying, she devises a plan to dress in men’s clothing and pretend to be her brother Robert McKinley. She has successfully worked this charade for the past three years, until she meets the Duke of Thistledowne who threatens to expose her. She relishes her ability to run Kinrara on her own. She knows that if she were to marry, her husband would take over the business operation and she’d be relegated to nothing more than a trophy wife. She vows that this will never happen.

Aiden Darlington, the Duke of Thistledowne, is a prominent businessman who enjoys the company of his mistresses and hanging out with his bachelor friends at Alcott’s, the local drinking establishment in London. He has never thought much about marriage until he meets Jezebel McKinley. Unfortunately, she despises him on sight. When he propositions her with marriage she states ‘she’d rather be ruined for life than spend one day married to him’. He promises her that if she marries him, he will keep her secret safe and allow her to run Kinrara as she sees fit. The only thing in return is that she must sire an heir for him. Otherwise their marriage will be merely a business proposition. But the attraction between the two is undeniable, though neither will admit it.

In the meantime, someone is making attempts on Aiden’s life and his private investigator is sure that Jezebel is involved. As Aiden finally convinces Jezebel to marry him, he has to wonder if she really is capable of murder.

Ms. Davenport has created two characters that have clearly met their match. Jezebel is definitely not the demure, woman who will obey her husband. Instead she lives to defy his every order. Aiden on the other hand, though mesmerized by Jezebel’s beauty, finds himself wanting to wring her recalcitrant little neck at times. Watching these two characters come to life in this book is a fantastic read.

5 Tea Cups!

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