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Reviews: Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us by Jessica Frost

Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us by Jessica Frost

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



After botching up her last assignment, Triala Barns worries her career as a Voyeur Scout has ended. When she's given a chance at redemption by being assigned to a mission to infiltrate the underground world in search of the mysterious Rogue werewolves who've been killing humans, she couldn't be happier. Until she finds out her partners are humans and that she'll be taking orders from the arrogant, sexy duo. Sam Wethers and Jake Reynolds thought they'd created the perfect cover for their werewolf partner, Triala.

By pretending she's their girlfriend, they could keep an eye on her. But her stubbornness and loathing of humans becomes an obstacle they didn't anticipate. Add to that their sexual attraction and deep feelings growing for her after they see her vulnerable side she tries to keep hidden, and they realize they've put their mission and lives in jeopardy. Now two Rogue werewolves have identified them and are out to silence them before they can find out the real reason behind the killings.

Monica's Review

A true romance of a Voyeur Scout Werewolf needing to take orders from a human is the last thing that she had in mind in an assignment let alone to fall in love with two humans.

This story started with the knowledge of something big coming to destroy both humans and werewolves. The only problem is that the visions that Thorak has been having seem to be related to a legend that his grandfather told him when he was a child. Thorak seems to believe that there are two human detectives and one voyeur scout that are capable in joining forces for an assignment. Let the adventure begin along with the sexual tension that they started feeling from the moment they come in contact with each other.

Sam and Jake are two detectives that have been called in for an assignment for a long time friend of Sam and his father. They need to help Thorak find information on the Rogue werewolves that have been killing humans. Sam tends to act as a jerk or speak out of term and finds himself in trouble with Traila more than he wants to. Now Jake is more of the charming one and seems to have his way with Traila.

Traila is a strong voyeur scout that would like to make things up to Thorak due to her last assignment but there is one problem she hates humans. Now she finds out that she needs to take orders from Sam in this assignment, she is not very happy. Then from the moment that she finds that she is sexually attracted to both humans to tries her best to ignore them but sorry desire wins.

When their assignment begins Traila is not very happy with her role in the assignment of girlfriend to Sam and Jake. Not a very good idea to get a werewolf angry, she can easily tear up those two sexy detectives apart but she seems to control her emotions somewhat well. The only problem is that she seems not to be able to trust them. When she starts experiencing visions and the context of them seems to lean into death, she seems to withdraw herself from them.
This was a wonderful story, with so much sexual tension along with the pleasure. Sure I thought there could have been more to the plot because they were so close to the Rogues but it seemed their adventure was cut short. Maybe their undercover worked could have lasted longer and some more encounters could have been made with the Rogue’s. After Sam and Jake are saved by Traila that is where the passion begins along with forgiveness of what has been done. Sam, Jake and Traila have plenty of sexual exploration to be done but they will continue their part of the journey to find the Rogue’s.

If you like a little suspense and lots of sexual passion, then you enjoy reading this story. See how Sam, Jake and Traila have their happily ever after even though Traila did not like humans.

4 Tea Cups!

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