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Review: Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men by Kaliana Cole

Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men by Kaliana Cole

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 4



Nate, Brett and Matt Kelly desired one girl and one girl only until she disappeared from their lives, leaving a wake of shattered dreams.

Fourteen years later, Jade Douglas returns a broken shell of a woman, hiding from the past, struggling to build a future on the dilapidated horse stud her father left her. The Kelly brothers see her return as the answer to their dreams. Jade sees them as a threat to the brittle, protective walls she has built around her.
Nate is overbearing and protective but always her safe harbor. Darkly sensual Brett holds the key to her submission. Big Matty has a body to die for and a heart to live by.

But are they enough to heal her?

After false starts, emotional breakdowns, torrid erotic experiences, and a journey of sensual self-discovery, Jade finds her place in life amid good horses, fast cars, and real men.

Monica's Review

WOW, hot steamy heart racing from the moment that Jade lays eyes on the three Kelley brothers’. Hold on tight for the ride of a lifetime but for how long can it last with one hurtful secret that she is not willing to share with the handsome brothers. Beware make sure you have a nice cold drink beside you because you just might need the coolness to cool off.

Nate, Brett and Matt lived a hard life when they were teenagers but with the help of Jade they were able to survive. After Jade went away and started a new life they each decided to do the same. The only problem is that the brothers never forgot their true love. Now that Jade is back and no longer married, all they need to do is claim her for them and show her that they love her and nothing will separate them no matter what.

Jade has come back home to fulfill a dream of hers on her ranch. She tries her best to keep away from the Kelley brothers but she can’t hide for very long. The first brother she encounters is the oldest of the three, Nate. Her body starts feeling again and her body responds to the graze of his eyes, his voice and even his touch but she knows that there cannot be anything in-between them because of her secret and the reason she left when she was a teenager.
Nate and Brett know her secret but they are not going to say anything to her because in a relationship there has to be trust. Without that they cannot have a future. I was very surprised that she was able to finally open up but not to the full extent but it did not surprise me that Nate was her support person. Now if only Jade could only fully open up to him and finally feel free from her secrets and enjoy being in the arms of the Kelley men.

The characters in this story are so drawn in with their sexual appetite that it is amazing. The scene where Brett actually shows Jade exactly what he demands in the bedroom was so hot. The hint of pain and pleasure that Brett showed Jade was mind bogging. Jade just fell into the role of a true submissive but of course still had her cocky attitude out of the bedroom. Then to find out that Brett and Nate both have taped their encounters when dominating a woman is just something else. Then to think about the taping that Brett is doing with Jade while the brothers are seeing exactly what he is doing but all can back fire on him because she could view it as betraying her trust.

Good Horses, Fast Cars and Real Men is an amazing read that will leave you breathless. I highly recommend this book for anyone that is ready for a real steamy hot sizzling ménage romance. See how Jade finally has her breakthrough and trust her men with her final secret. Jade finally reveals her true emotions to Nate, Brett and Matt agrees to go home with her men.

4 Tea Cups!

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