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Review: Strings Attached by Anne Holly

Strings Attached by Anne Holly

Publisher: Wild Horse Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



“You want to heal me, like one of your stray dogs...”

When Canadian rancher Josie Sergeant gets a call from her brother announcing his impetuous decision to marry, she has her reservations. But, when her brother’s would-be brother-in-law swoops in from Australia to stop the wedding, Josie has no choice but to defend the family.

Theo Sabich is bull-headed and dangerously sexy, but also damaged beyond repair… or so he thinks. He enjoys getting on Josie’s nerves, but when he finds her getting under his skin he must decide - face his demons and grab this last chance for happiness or bury himself in his lonely Outback ranch once and for all.

Under the northern lights, their attraction ignites beyond their control, and Josie finds that a one-time “no strings attached” release of passion is easier said than done when love is hanging by a thread.

But how will they bridge the difference between two worlds, let alone conquer the wounds of the past and find the courage to live again?

Monica's Review

A man that seems to have hatred towards everything in life but there is a little feisty woman that introduces him to something that he thought he would never feel again, love.

Josie was raised in a ranch in Canada which now she owns after buying it from her parents. This is something that she looked forward in doing since she could remember. After she returned from college she spent her life expanding her ranch and envisioning different ways to add to the ranch her father spent time taking care of. Getting carried away in ranch life she never thought about having a family of her own and there were times that she did become lonely.

Theo was also raised in a ranch but he was around the world in Australia. When his character was introduced to the story I immediately felt sorry for him. He seemed too lonely, lifeless and it seemed to be that he wanted the same thing for his sister Julie. He was so into his own self pity for his failed marriage that he would try to interfere with his sister’s future.

The first encounter that Theo and Josie had sparks flew and even a little jealously flustered in Theo but after he was introduced to his future sister in law all worries were gone.

This was one book that was hard for me to put down, even though I knew I had to go to sleep. I believe it was the chemistry that Theo and Josie had but the pig headedness of Theo is what kept me wanting to read more and more. After dismissing her after a wonderful night of love making I just wanted to kill him but after reading further on I loved how she made Theo feel after she went to Australia, sorry I felt so much better. Theo deserved what he got but soon he would find out that he did make a mistake by dismissing her but only time would tell if she would take him back.

If you enjoy a sweet, sensual romance with all the trouble of a relationship especially when one is willing to give everything for a fairy tale ending. See how their love unravels before their eyes but Theo will need to forgive himself and he is only hurting himself in not being able to move forward. See how the loss of “Blackie” makes him finally realize that he can love again just maybe have a family. Enjoy reading this book and make sure you have a couple of Kleenex in hand you just might need them.

4 Tea Cups!

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