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Review: A Bride for Two Renegades by Edith DuBois

A Bride for Two Renegades by Edith DuBois

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Forced to give up one quirky trait after another, Male Order native Sherri Winston feels lost in a sea of ordinary. It’s not until one spectacular night spent with the enigmatic Ethan Blacker that she begins to feel herself again. But he’s an agent working abroad for the UN, and the next morning Sherri must watch him go.
After weeks of pining for what cannot be, Sherri is ready to snap out of it. Little does she expect, however, that hunky film star Benji will roll into town and snatch her heart away. As the two fall in love, Sherri can’t fight the feeling that something is missing.

It‘s not until Benji and Ethan meet in an explosive, revelatory encounter that Sherri realizes only she has the power to bring her men together. As the stakes grow deadly, will love prevail? Or will past wrongs prove too bitter to overcome?

Monica's Review

Back to Male Order, Texas and better yet it is finally Sherri Winston’s turn to finally find love. Who would have guessed that that spunky young woman that made everything happen between Emilie and her two best friends Gavin and Grayson finally is going to find happiness but at what cost.

Sherri was a young woman that had been so focused on her studies to be a psychiatrist that she has not even indulged herself in a relationship with a man in nearly a year. When she meets Evan Blacker, there is something about him that makes her think of only one thing and that is him and her joined together. There is only one problem, Evan is leaving and possibly not returning back but the worst part is that Sherri has already let him into her heart and her thoughts. There is another problem, Evan has put Sherri in grave danger.

Then of course there is Benji Blacker, the movie star but he has a past that he needs to come to terms with but he’s not ready to admit his fault. Benji seems darker, more dangerous than his brother but when he meets Sherri for the second time at a luncheon at her best friend’s home there seems to be a connection. I enjoyed seeing how Benji pushed Sherri to the limit but that just made it funnier to read. I was surprised to see that he romanced her and let things fall into place between them and finally when the timing was right they finally gave into their passion. There was only one problem, Evan.

This story has everything love, heart break, violence, blood but most of all the happiness between Sherri, Evan and Benji. I found myself cheering them on to hurry up and see that they were made for each other and they could live happily ever after, together. Most of all it brought me so much joy in seeing how truly happy they were at the end of the story. I can not wait to read the next relationship to develop in Male Order, Texas. Pick up your copy today.

4 Tea Cups!

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