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Review: The Chauffeur Wore An Evening Gown by Roni Adams

The Chauffeur Wore An Evening Gown by Roni Adams

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Millionaire’s Club

When Erin O'Malley agrees to pinch hit for her brother’s limo service and drive millionaire JR Stone to the Governor's Ball, she has no clue how crazy her night will get.

Dumped by his fiancée on the night he’s to accept the biggest award of his career, Josh Stone convinces his chauffeur to slip into an evening gown and onto his arm. They fool everyone into thinking they are an item, but once they kiss, there's nothing fake about the chemistry between them.

Can a blue-collar girl really appeal to this multimillionaire, or is Josh only playing for the crowd?

Yadkny's Review

Desperation drove him to ask her, but he wasn’t going to stop until he got what he wanted.

Erin is used to getting dirty and working with her hands, but evening gown's and heels are bit foreign to her. When a night of covering for her brother as a chauffeur turns into a night of playacting, Erin steps up to the plate to show this slightly rough around the edges Irishwoman is more than what her appearance or profession suggests. After all it is just for one night, what could it hurt? Unfortunately, the night went so amazingly well that Josh propositions Erin in a way she can't refuse – nor does she want to, but business and pleasure can never mix without complications.

Josh's jilted moment not only changed the course of the evening, but also the rest of his life. Before he knew it, his every thought fixated on Erin and the anticipation of when next they'd be together. However, her initial reluctance only increased as doubts set-in when the relationship turns out to be more than just physical. Erin effortlessly stepped into the role of his “fiancee” just as easily as she stepped into the gown, but Josh never anticipated how easily she'd slip into his heart.

This story turned out to be more than what I expected and it starts out quick enough with the evening that changed everything as the opening setting. The storyline goes beyond that though and into deeper territory with true-to-life issues and doubts that I could easily imagine being my own. Both characters are proud of what they do and their accomplishments, so naturally both are a bit stubborn, but I really enjoyed the feelings the characters elicited along with their frustrating and hungry desire for one another. To want someone that much makes them both feel more vulnerable than they've every felt, which is a weakness neither can afford if things don't end well.

Honestly, my least favorite parts in the story involved Erin's brothers. Instead of the redeeming quality of them being overprotective of Erin, they came off a bit more like jerks and only served to complicate and frustrate. At the same time there could have been more added to the story surrounding the ex-fiance, public scrutiny, and more of the differences as well as similarities of Josh and Erin's worlds.

All that aside, the story is down-to-earth and very, very enjoyable. Absolutely recommended for readers looking for their next contemporary romance fix.

4 Tea Cups!

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