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Review: A Texas Taming by Lydia Blythe

A Texas Taming by Lydia Blythe

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Menage Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Tough horse doctor Ellie O’Shea has a hard lot in life. Her mother died early, leaving her to maintain her family's ranch. The frightening nature of her mother's death has kept her off the backs of the animals she loves, and her demanding circumstances have kept her from the happiness that's right under her nose.

Fortunately for her, the Mackey brothers, alpha Brett, intuitive Ash, and the youngest, Paul, have other ideas. They’ve finally decided what to do about their clashing desires to have Ellie for their own: they will share her. Now, they just have to make the headstrong woman realize how much they truly love her. Little do they know, though, that Ellie has already fallen hard for rodeo rider Gray Porter, who also just happens to be their houseguest!

Now it’s Brett, Paul, and Ash versus Gray as these four stubborn cowpokes vie for Ellie’s affections. But when the Mackeys’ estranged brother Derby shows up, it’s going to take a lot more than stubbornness to win Ellie over—a mix that includes not least of all, a mountain lion, a little cross-dressing, a wild ride across a canyon’s back, a lot of love, and not a few nights steaming up the ranch house windows.

Monica's Review

This is the first book in the series of Sage, Texas and all I have to say is that it started off HOT, HOT, HOT. Of course you think of Texas and the first thing that pops into your head is hot cowboys. Well in this story you have five handsome cowboys ready to show Ellie that they are meant to share her in every way possible.

Ellie is a strong, hard working woman, yet she is caring and has not had too many romances in her life. The three brothers that were introduced were handsome men but they each had a different personality and that balanced them out very well. There is one brother that stood out the most, which is Brett because of his dominate ways. Then you have Gray that is a friend to the Mackay brothers and now has feelings for Ellie.

Her love for horses is what brings her into the Mackay home and let the seduction begin. After Ellie treats their horse of a mountain lion wound things get pretty heated up between Ellie and Brett. Only Brett is not ready to let her have her sexual pleasure until he decides. When the Mackay brothers finally get what they want from Ellie, she is lost in the best sexual pleasure ever. The best part is when you read how dominating Gray is with Ellie and how pleasurable it is for both of them. Get ready because you just might need something to cool down.

The cover had me so confused because I noticed that there were five men and one woman. That was until the fourth brother showed up towards the end of the book. Derby is ready to face his family and the perfect plan is in place, a party where the males dress up as women and vise versa. It only takes one kiss to spark a fight.

Ellie is hurt by both Brett and Gray because she believes that they are trying to run her life. So what does she do run but not only that she rides into danger. Will the Mackay brothers and Gray find her in time before she is harmed?

I think it was a nice read but it was a little hard to stay focused on the story. I expected that all of the five men were going to be introduced in the beginning of the story. I did not expect that the final brother would show up towards the end of the book. I wanted more discovery, more time for them to realize that they were all meant to be together. I wanted to see Derby and Ellie’s relationship build up a little bit more.

These issues were small things but no matter what I still enjoyed reading A Texas Taming. If you enjoy reading about sexy men give this book a try and see how five men are meant to make one woman happy with pleasure for a lifetime.

3 Tea Cups!


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