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Review: Going Greek by Lelani Black

Going Greek by Lelani Black

Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Andy get together and nothing is taboo.

Lingerie model Marigold Laurent arrives in Greece for a much-needed vacation from work and the sweet-talking man who broke her heart. Fate and the machinations of her well-meaning sister ensure that she collides with tall, dark and luscious Dmitri Damianos, forcing her no-men policy right out the window. But can he give her more than one-and-done?

Wealthy entrepreneur, Dmitri, guards his emotions well. And while he wants everything Marigold has to offer--beauty, wit, charm, and the best sex of his life--he can't give her what she really needs. But when the red-hot beauty climbs out of his bed and possibly out of his life, can he let her go?

Yadkny's Review

With her personal life in shambles, Marigold picks up and heads to Greece with her sister in the hopes of getting some much needed downtime away from the spotlight. The peaceful atmosphere of Corfu Town should offer the respite she’s looking for, but her sister has turned on her and believes that the only way for her to get over a man is to have a “holiday fling” with a new one. But not just any man, the Greek god that is her brother-in-law’s fraternal twin should do the trick. Losing herself to the culture of Greece and her sister’s company was the plan, but she couldn’t have anticipated losing her heart.

Dmitri’s bachelor lifestyle is in danger. The threat, although gorgeously irresistible, propositions him in the most pleasurable ways, but commitment, no matter how temporary, is too much for him. Dmitri counters Marigold’s offer, thus begins a dance of sorts to see who will cave first. Neither is able to resist their mutual desire for long, but when Marigold challenges Dmitri to “man up”, will he or will a surprise visitor spoil everything?

For most of the story, Marigold and Dmitri are not in sync. They want or don’t want different things and this is clearly illustrated in their relationship dynamics from the beginning. Yet both seem confident in getting the other to change their mind and aren’t afraid of using their oozing amounts of sex appeal to get there. However, yielding to the ultimate temptation can lead to complications if the rules aren’t clear. This physically stunning pair has a few relationship/commitment issues unresolved, which hinders a potential future with anyone.

Ms. Black is skilled at presenting scenery. It felt like I was experiencing a part of Greece through a friend's retelling. The clarity of the town and bits of culture was a nice vacation in my reading travels. Beautiful scenery, charismatic characters, enjoyably frustrating banter, sexy semi-embarrassing moments, and an erotically adventurous couple – what a fabulous read! I may never look at a dimple in a man's chin the same way again!

I would love to see a follow-up to this story, but Ms. Black has definitely captured another fan of her writing. For those new to Ms. Black’s work and for those looking to escape to an exotic locale in an erotic romance, you must read this story!

4 Tea Cups!

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