Sunday, September 18, 2011

Review: Home Sweet Texas Home by Caroline Clemmons

Home Sweet Texas Home by Caroline Clemmons

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 2



Two million dollars? What a fortune to inherit! Courtney Madison has battled poverty her entire twenty-five years but is determined to make a safe and happy home for her teenaged brother after the death of their mom. Her inheritance in West Texas looks like the answer to her prayers. Once she arrives in Sweet Springs, Texas and moves in across the road from a handsome rancher, she soon learns her problems are just beginning.

Derek Corrigan, who co-owns some of Ms. Madison’s properties, suspects the worst of his new neighbor and vows to fight his growing attraction. He knows what women do to him--they always leave and take away chunks of his heart. He's been there, done that, had the vaccination long ago and is cured. Or is he?

Wendy's Review

Caroline did it again she brought a story that has you enthralled in her characters lives and wishing them the best.

Sarah is a lonely woman who works hard and doesn't expect much. She is turned from being plain to being a beauty in the eyes of the man she has come to love.

Nate has a past he didn't seem he could out run and when Sarah came into it he didn't really want to anymore. But fear was no place for two people who could find fulfillment and pleasure in each other.

The past needs to stay there but as life goes there is always someone or something that brings the haunting back to the surface. Sarah and Nate can face anything as long as they are together and they become people who knew that together everything will be better.

Caroline has brought this story so that you couldn't put it down it is a must read for anyone who needs to forget the past and forge forth with love and commitment in the here and now.

5 Tea Cups!

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Caroline Clemmons said...

Lynn, bless you for the wonderful review, but the book cover and the review are for different books. The info in the review is for my historical THE MOST UNSUITABLE HUSBAND, one of my earlier books now available on Smashwords and Kindle. It's fairly sensual. HOME, SWEET TEXAS HOME, is a sweet contemporary out this summer from The Wild Rose Press. Loved the review, though!


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