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Review: Hard Lovin’ by Desiree Holt

Hard Lovin’ by Desiree Holt
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Erin Braddock, daughter of wealthy and powerful rancher Rance Braddock, has been to hell and back. So has wandering cowboy minstrel Grady Sinclair. But the moment they meet, chemistry ignites, erasing everything else. The sex is scorching, explosive, addictive. They can’t get enough of each other. The same talented fingers that coax seductive music from Grady’s guitar coax powerful orgasms from Erin’s body.

Seduced by his music as well as the sinfully sexy man himself, Erin runs away with Grady. Each night she sits in the bar listening as his come-to-me voice promises erotic delights he more than delivers on when they’re back in their room. But one day soon the past will catch up with them.

Kris' Review

Desiree Holt does it again; creating two well-developed and lovable characters in her story Hard Lovin’.
Erin Braddock is the daughter of a wealthy and powerful rancher, Rance Braddock. After being badly traumatized and abused eight months ago by a man, she’s allowed her father to run her life. Now he’s about to marry her off to the man of his dreams, T. J. Elliott. But Erin doesn’t love T.J. and wants out of the impending nuptials. A few nights before the wedding, her bachelorette party is at Smoky’s bar. Here she meets Grady Sinclair, a cowboy singer who melts her heart through his songs. The night before the wedding, when the wedding stress is too much to handle, she bolts to Smoky’s hoping to find Grady. When he sings a song to her alone, she is drawn to him in ways she didn’t think possible.

Grady Sinclair sees himself as nothing but a wandering cowboy guitarist traveling around Texas from gig to gig. It’s been five years since he’s been home because the guilt of his past has been too much to bear. He’s not attached to anything and doesn’t want to be. Then he meets Erin Braddock and everything changes. Not only do they hook up, but Erin leaves her belongings behind and takes off with Grady. The next morning when Grady leaves for Houston, Erin begs him to take her with him. He is hesitant, but after a wild night of sex, he feels connected to her in a way he can’t explain. He doesn’t know if he believes in love at first sight, but this is as close as it gets for him. He knows Erin isn’t telling him everything and wonders what or who she is running away from. However, against his better judgment he takes her with him.

When they arrive in Houston and Erin sees the broadcast news with everyone from the National Guard to the Governor looking for her she tries to keep Grady in the dark. But will her past catch up with her before she can tell him the truth herself? And what about his past and the guilt that is making him afraid to let someone love him? Can they make a relationship work that’s foundation is based on a couple nights of great sex and a whole lot of mystery?

Desiree Holt’s story ‘Hard Lovin’ is nothing short of a masterpiece. The character creation and development make the story much more than just about sex.

5 Tea Cups!

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