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Review: Bump ‘n’ Grind by Sam Cheever

Bump ‘n’ Grind by Sam Cheever

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



A companion story to Bits ’n’ Bytes.

Felicia Jeffries is turning forty-five and her friends have dragged her to a male strip club to celebrate. She’d prefer to be hiding in a dark corner. Instead, she finds herself on stage, dirty dancing with a sexy hottie whose smoldering glances tell Felicia that he couldn’t care less about the difference in their ages.

Garrett Holcomb has always liked older women. He enjoys convincing them that their bodies’ natural changes are sexy. When Felicia slides her attractive body against his in the dance club, he knows they’re meant to be together.

But someone else doesn’t think their love is healthy. And he’ll do anything to make sure they miss out on the future they want together. Including nearly murdering a man and pinning the attack on Garrett.

Monica's Review

Garrett Holcomb set his mind on one woman and one woman only no matter what; he vowed to win Felicia’s heart. His heart already belonged to her and hoped that her heart would one day belong to him. Due to violence and unforeseen circumstances Garrett’s persona came into question.

Felicia Jeffries was coerced by her best friend to go out for her birthday only she never imagined finding her self up on stage getting a lap dance from a hot sexy young man. Her body became alive with heat traveling up and down her body all she wanted to do was rip his clothes off of what remained and jump him. Felicia tried going out after her divorce but there was no interest in it. After the lap dance there was only one man over taking her thoughts. Felicia also needed to start thinking about her self and not what other people thought of her starting a new relationship with a much younger man. As she made it very clear in the story if men can do it why not women.

Garrett Holcomb came from a broken home and believed that money brought misery. When he sees that Felicia is in trouble all he can think of is to protect her. After seeking guidance from a website for cougar women she seems more confident with her new found relationship and Garrett loved it. There was only one problem someone was trying to make havoc on Garrett’s life and not only that blame him on incidents that could get him some jail time. He tried his best to talk to his friend’s to clear his name to get them to believe him that he would never to such things. Only it was too late Felicia was frightened of him and she no longer wanted to see him.

There are lots of emotions in this story. What makes this story so special is that it deals with trying to sort your emotions like stated in the story, what you are hearing, what’s in your heart or your instincts. This story is thrilling and suspenseful that it will keep you guessing till the very end. Believe me I thought I knew who the propitiator was but I was wrong. The sex scenes in this story are so hot they burn. I was impressed with the characters in story because their chemistry was off the charts but also with the support they gave Felicia.

If you’re in the mood to read an extremely exotic story, that will leave you breathless pick up a copy of Bump ‘n’ Grind. I’ll leave you with a little teaser; chocolate is a beautiful scrumptious dessert especially when it is used in such an exotic way.

3 ½ Tea Cups!

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