Friday, November 4, 2011

Review: Tessa's Highlander by Cooper Lovell

Tessa's Highlander by Cooper Lovell

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Erotic horror author Tessa Danvers's limited experience with men has her convinced that she just doesn't need to waste time on them. Her writing career is hot enough, and she recently purchased the home of her dreams.

When a scheduling conflict prevents her cousin Jaime from making some much-needed renovations to her new house, he sends his friend, Gavan Murdoch—a gorgeous, hulking Scotsman with a brogue thicker than Highland fog—in his place. One look at the diminutive author and Gavan's protective defenses are up. He swore off women years ago following a devastating heartbreak.

After getting off to a very rocky start with Tessa in an effort to keep her at arms' length, Gavan succumbs to his desire for the petite, hot-tempered author, only to learn that he'll have no choice but to share her with millions of other men.

Wendy's Review
Cooper Lovell brought a entertaining book with a lot of laughs and equal amounts of sexual encounters.

Tessa Danver knew next to nothing about men but you couldn't tell it by her stories she created. The pages in her novel were smoking hot. Tessa bought herself a home that needed remodelling and when her cousin Jamie backs out he sent his best friend Gavan Murdoch to do the work for him.

Gavan was a hunky, gorgeous Scotsman who had trouble communicating with Tessa and ends up more times then once on her bad side. But with Gavan\s persuading her brought her around to her good side and gave her what she could write about, awesome orgasms and the best sex any woman could ask for.

As they got to know each other their love only deepened even when Gavan's jealousy threatens their relations ship.

This story had me laughing, enjoying the antics of the characters and most assuredly the sex scenes were by far the best I have read. Cooper has you reading with enthusiasm and wanting more than anything to have a highlander walking in my front door.

Great job!

5 Tea Cups!

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