Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Review: Wild Hunts by Rhea Regale

Wild Hunts by Rhea Regale

Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Rating: 3



As a revered white wolf, Kasa Jones is well aware of the dangers stalking her. She and her brother, Jordan, track down holding cells and free innocent werewolves before they’re reprogrammed to kill her.

The night Kasa botches a hunt, exposing herself to the enemy, she flees for her life and lands in the claws of two mysterious wolves.

Micah and Slade Castrove have been hot on Kasa’s trail for months. With her finally in their care, the brothers vow to protect her from the dangerous rebels hungry for white wolf blood. They never imagined the challenges that would come with keeping Kasa safe.

Kasa is enraptured by her mates. Their body-heating good looks, powerful personas, and promises of protection easily sway her priorities. But when her brother is kidnapped and the only way to save him is to sacrifice herself, can her mates protect her from the ultimate hunt?

Wendy's Review
Let me tell you that this is a third in a series which I have read all three and each one is better than the last. Wild Hunts is well written with adventure, mystery and of course lots of love and lust for Kasa Jones and her mates Micah and Slade Castrove.

Kasa and her brother is all they have left in their family and they are close for brother and sister. Jordan tries to keep Kasa under control but when it comes to taking out the Black Moon his pleas fall on deaf ears. Kasa had felt what betrayal is when Tom her old boyfriend trapped her and caused her pain. As wares silver is detrimental to wares and Kasa carries scars not just on her body but on her soul. Trust doesn't come easy.

Micah and Slade know Kasa is their mate and they would risk life to keep her safe. Of course when they are near their mate sexual tension comes out and the need is stronger then they could keep up with. Kasa, Micah and Slade embark on their relationship with hot and juicy sex scenes that has you wiping your brow.

As the third in a series Rhea keeps the adventure and mystery going so that you are hanging on every word pulling for the good guys and hoping the demise of the enemies.

Great book!

5 Tea Cups!

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