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Review: Carrie’s Answer by Sierra & VJ Summers

Carrie’s Answer by Sierra and VJ Summers

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Heat Rating: 3



Corporate Affairs, Book One

One weekend. That’s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns. One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission, to satisfy his never-ending craving for her and to get her out of his system. Then he’ll let her go.

Two days. That’s all Marcus has promised Carrie. But as he pushes her past the limits of pleasure and satisfies her darkest desires, she knows two days will never be enough.

Monica's Review

Wow this story started off with a bang. Marcus Worthington comes home thinking that he was going to have a wonderful night of passion with his wife and best friend, Daniel, but instead come to hear the truth of how his wife thinks of his sexual dominate ways. That was just a low blow to him and finds himself drinking away his sorrows.

Carrie Anderson tried her best to support Marcus as much as she could with the explosion of his divorce from his wife. The press is having a field day with him since his wife decided to tell all about his BDSM lifestyle. When that came to light that was when she started to see her boss with different eyes and became intrigued with the concept of not having the choice in the bedroom. She experimented with her last boyfriend but there was something missing, it was not Marcus. She made a giant leap and asked Daniel for help in entering into Velvet Ice a BDSM club in which Marcus was a member. That is when everything changed between their boss and employee relationship.

Marcus Worthington could not believe his eyes when he saw Carrie in the arms of a Dom at Velvet Ice where he had a private room for his pleasures. He totally went off edge when he found out that it was his best friend Daniel that sponsored Carrie to get into the club. He knows that he is in trouble when she turns in her resignation to the company but she has a contract and blackmails her. He knows after their first sexual encounter that he is not going to be able to let her leave after the end of the weekend. But there is something that he needs to find out first and that is if he brings in Daniel will her focus be on him or his best friend.

This story had me hooked in the first chapter with how Marcus life changed within a matter of minutes. He found himself getting a divorce; losing his father and not being able to find himself enjoying his dominate ways with other submissive's. This story had just the right amount of passion; it was hot, steamy and so very interesting. It left me fanning myself from how hot the sex scenes were the bondage, the spanking and even the whipping.

I can’t wait to see what is next in the Corporate Affairs Series. I truly recommend Carrie’s Answer and see how her answer changes her life. I was so happy that they got their happily ever after.

4 Tea Cups!
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